Criss Angel Magic: Believe TV Show

Obviously, I am a huge David Blaine fan and I’m going to his show for my birthday! But I started watching Criss Angel’s latest TV Show called BeLIEve (it’s available on Amazon Fire stick). The name is based on Houdini famously telling his wife to contact him with a psychic medium after his death. He told her a secret word that only they knew. So, if the psychic really contacted him after death, she should listen for this word. The word was “Believe.” But, according to Houdini’s wife, she never found a psychic good enough to tell her this password! Which is weird because I firmly believe in psychics. In fact, that is why I like magic! Some of the magic tricks seemed based on psychic talents. Like the mentalism ones where someone guesses what number you picked or what card you picked.

I think some of the other magic tricks, like levitating and making things disappear/appear, are talents from past lives. Previously, these magicians lived in Atlantis, I think, and gained great psychic abilities. If you don’t know, when Atlantis drowned some of the “black magi” = “magi-cians” moved to Egypt and became super-powerful pharaohs. Thus, there is a correlation between Atlantis and ancient Egypt. No surprise that Criss performs his Vegas show at the Luxor = an Egyptian pyramid-shaped casino!

I hadn’t watched any of Criss Angel’s TV shows since his early MindFreak days. He has gotten A LOT BETTER at levitating! Back in the day, David Blaine did some levitating in his TV show. He sort of fell over in a heap on the ground ;( Criss did some levitating and he didn’t get very far off the ground, either. But now he can basically fly! Supposedly, if you learn to control and direct your energy, you can focus the energy below your feet to create a blast-off effect, like a rocket. It is weird and freaky, but I believe they are both really levitating!

I have read Diana Cooper’s books about Atlantis, and she describes beautiful floating temples. To enter, you’d have to levitate off the ground and fly through the front door! If you weren’t an advanced enough person, you’d be stuck on the ground and unable to enter the esteemed temple.

My favorite trick that I’ve seen Criss Angel do in his TV show is make a stuffed animal come to life. It is so cute!!! If I was magical like him, I’d do cute tricks like this every day <3.

My second favorite trick I’ve seen Criss do on TV is turning on a lightbulb using the electricity from a PERSON! Tell us how to do it, Criss, so we can stop burning coal to power our electric plants! This is similar to Tesla, who said we can get energy freely from the ground or from lightning strikes. There is electricity all around us, if you think about. We just need to know how to harness it and how to safely distribute it. When’s the last time you got zapped by static electricity? It hurt, didn’t it? It was pretty strong electricity! And there is electricity INSIDE OF US, in our hearts which beat from an electrical pulse.


Vogel Cut Quartz Necklace

I ordered this Vogel cut quartz crystal necklace from Doorways to Power on Etsy (they also have a Doorways to Power website with more items) and got it in the mail yesterday. I hadn’t heard of Marcel Vogel cut crystals before. This stone is his Magician’s cut (click to see all of them available on the Doorways to Power website). It’s double-sided, with a 3D pyramid on each side, plus other cuts to refract the light. Vogel was a well-known scientific researcher at IBM (lots of patents relating to luminescent products) and I believe he got interested in crystals in the 1960s. This crystal is cut at a similar angle found in the Egyptian pyramids: 51 degrees. Vogel said the idea to create these precisely cut crystals came to him in a dream. He also claimed to have worked with alien metals. So cool!

Vogel said the precise cuts in his quartz crystals allow them to break light into frequencies that can heal damage in your etheric layers, the layers of energy above your body. If these layers sustain too much damage, due to emotional, mental or spiritual traumas, you can become physically ill. I wasn’t impressed with the quartz crystal as far as just looking at it or holding it in my hands…but when I put the necklace on, I felt some weird tingling. I slept with it on all night, giving it some time to heal my etheric layers!

This brilliant blue quartz is called Siberian blue. I think it’s a color associated with Atlantis and the Egyptians (who came from Atlantis). It reminds me of the blue rooftops in Santorini, Greece, which is rumored to be an Atlantean enclave. To get this bright blue color, clear quartz is bonded with cobalt, a metal used for centuries to make blue paint.