My Realms Quizzes


If you don’t know, these quizzes are based on Doreen Virtue’s realms book and workshop. Realms are like human hybrids. You can be part Angel, part Cupid Love Angel, part Alien, part Flower Fairy and many more! I have included EVEN MORE INFO and MORE REALMS than you get with Doreen.

AND I have LIFE ADVICE specific to each realm!

I loooove studying the different realms. It’s very fascinating!

So, what realms am I?

I am part Tree Fairy, part Alien and part Angel.

What realms are Doreen Virtue?

Part Mermaid and part Rockstar Angel. I had to determine her realms as part of the certification process to be a Realms Reader.

UPDATE: I had my realms quizzes on fiverr but I took them down. I am working on putting ALL of the quizzes in ONE FILE that you can easily buy and download!



My Jesus Book

Did you know I am a published author? Kinda, sorta. I wrote a short ebook about Jesus and self-published it on Amazon. AND you may be able to read it FOR FREE! If you are a Prime member, it will likely come up on your Kindle as a freebie in their “lending library.”

CLICK HERE to see my Jesus book, What Jesus Wants to Tell Us Today by Ellen Auchter on Amazon.

The Jesus I believe in is a happy, friendly guy like the cartoon version you see here!

Blog Updates for 2017

Each year, I like to update my blogs! I write this metaphysical blog, plus a political blog. To simplify my life, I’m lessening my social media presence this year. I was hoping to get a lot of followers last year, so I posted a lot on Instagram and a little bit on SnapChat and so on, but I feel like it didn’t take off as much as I’d hoped. In 2017, I’m going to work more on my political writing. There are so many juicy topics to write about in the world of politics now!

So no more New Age Studies on Twitter or SnapChat or Tumblr. I may keep the accounts up so I can retain the screen name, but I won’t be posting. Ditto Periscope and LiveStream. On YouTube, I am going to concentrate on politics, but I’ll keep up my short metaphysical  videos. I deleted the smaller form of this blog on Blogger. And I renamed my Instagram account: new_age_ellen instead of new_age_studies. I’ll still put up audio podcasts on SoundCloud. Basically, I’m just streamlining things by keeping what I like doing and what seems popular with people. Out with the old, and in with the new!

Also, I was trying last year to find a metaphysical niche for myself, like fairies. But I couldn’t get excited about that! So I’m going to be posting things on a variety of topics, mostly girl power (goddesses, saints, inspiring women), energy healing topics like the different rays of light and oracle card readings (fun!).

My Wax Paintings on Etsy

I am now putting up some of my wax paintings for sale this holiday season! I have a new Etsy shop called Environmental Ellen.

I am not posting so much New Age/metaphysical stuff as I’m looking into moving in 2017 and going to grad school for environmental science 🙂 I will start offering flower readings, though. I thought I could make some good money writing metaphysical books, but it hasn’t materialized…so I am re-thinking my goals for 2017! I also write about politics on my other blog, I am sending out book proposals to write a funny book about Putin and Trump!

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My Etsy Shop!

So, I am starting to fill up my new Etsy shop with things for you to buy! I was on Etsy selling necklaces for years, but decided I was spending too much money on supplies 😉 In the future, I will be making you necklaces with a metaphysical theme, like forest green mix of stones = fairy  necklace and black lava stone necklace = Hawaiian goddess Pele.

For now, you can buy my fairy pottery tray and pencil holder set (love the green color on the tray!), my boho/bohemian basket weave pattern tray and pencil holder set, my angel art (only 1 listed so far!) and my Princess Diana art. Remember, I explained that Princess Diana held a lot of light for the world and that’s why people felt so sad when she died. I believe she had a Mystical Rose symbol in her heart, which carries the immense loving energy of Mother Mary. Search for Princess Diana on this site and you’ll find my podcast about her.

AND I am now uploading to Etsy my Quizzes. These are so fun! Are you part Fairy? Part Angel? Part Wizard? Part Atlantean Magician? Or even part Alien? Find out by downloading and printing the quiz and the FREE BONUS help page. The help page is super important and tells you the life purpose, likely love live problems and common health problems associated with your hybrid or “realm.” I am a certified Realm Reader through angel author Doreen Virtue. I have also read and taken notes on Tanis Halliwell’s book, Hybrids. And I have added my own ideas about the different types of human hybrids on Earth today.

Go to my shop on Etsy, also called New Age Studies: link to my Etsy shop.