My Blog Plans for 2018

More Tarot Cards!

In 2018, I plan to devote more time to Tarot cards! I am creating my own Tarot deck, which I am super excited about! It will be designed to be very easy to learn. Each card will feature my cartoon art 🙂

Tarot Card Readings

I will also be reading Tarot cards for people on! And offering A LOT of FREE Tarot card readings here and on on Instagram (new_age_ellen) and on Facebook (NewAgeStudiesEllen). I am going to upgrade this blog so I can link to PayPal directly from here….

Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader

Every year, I wonder if I should keep writing this blog or not! I would like to monetize it and offer more things for sale…. I am taking an online Hay House class by Radleigh Valentine and will soon be a certified Angel Tarot Card Reader!


More Videos on YouTube

I always plan to do more videos every year, and then I suck about getting them done ;( And I delete them because I don’t like them! I just deleted all of my old videos on YouTube. I’m going to do reviews of all the Tarot card decks and oracle card decks I own, but I want them all to look cohesive.

The End of Doreen Virtue

I’ve gotten the most hits on my blog from talking about Doreen Virtue and her sudden conversion to born-again Christianity! If you didn’t hear about it, she is now ONLY selling Jesus things, like books with Bible quotes in them. She left her animal rescue ranch in Hawaii (she gave away all of the animals except for her personal pets) and reportedly moved to Washington State, near Seattle. She said she needed to move away from Hawaii because it’s too expensive to live there. She disavowed a lot of her Tarot card and oracle decks and old books, and refuses to make money from them (the residuals she gets every time Hay House sells one). So, her income took a dive. Sadly, it’s THE END of Doreen Virtue in the metaphysical community! If you’ve bought oracle cards or books at a metaphysical store, you know how ubiquitous Doreen’s products are/were.


I hope you enjoy reading my blog in 2018.

xoxoxo, Ellen


More Doreen Virtue News! Leaving Hawaii and Closing Animal Rescue

I just started watching this week’s video from Doreen Virtue (she’s renamed them “Heart to Heart” videos – used to be Weekly Angel Card Readings) and Doreen says she is leaving Hawaii! She didn’t say where she is moving to (I’ve only watched the first 5 minutes of the video). I’m guessing mainland U.S. but not California where she used to live since Laguna Beach is a super, super expensive area. She says she needs to downsize A LOT so she is selling the animal rescue ranch and giving away most/all of the animals! She mentions wanting to help others and do a lot of charitable work including giving away most of her money/future book earnings (she says again in this video that she has spent all of her savings on rescuing the animals)…. Will she become a preacher and work at a mega church? Or start her own homeless outreach and grass roots church?

I will laugh if she moves to the Denver area because I just moved away from Colorado Springs (45 minutes south of there)! I’ve heard she has family connections in Denver and I’ve met people who took classes from her in Denver many years ago. And when I called into her radio show, she seemed to know about the Colorado Springs area. So maybe it’s an area she’s interested in. IF she was still a metaphysical speaker, I would be bummed to find out she’s there doing in-person stuff and now I’m here in Vegas!

I’ve been thinking about her prediction that I would move to a wooded area (like Montana) and get a state job with the forest service or another government environmental agency (like BLM, EPA). She told me this when I called into her Hay House radio show, but that didn’t happen! Instead, I moved to Vegas earlier this month! I never did get an environmental job. Now, I’m looking for a good part-time job that I can do along with the computer animation jobs I’m doing on fiverr (newagestudies).

UPDATE: I’m 15 minutes into her latest video now. Doreen is telling us she wants to follow the Bible and it says rich men don’t go to heaven (at least not easily). She mentions the part where Jesus asks the simple fishermen to drop everything and follow him, and they do. Then he asks a rich man to drop everything (give up his businesses, his house) and he refuses. Doreen says she wants to follow the Bible so she is selling everything she owns!


Doreen also says she wants to keep writing for Hay House, a big metaphysical publishing house. Because they are getting a lot of hate mail for publishing her Christian Bible book, she is asking people to write positive letters to the Hay House president, Reid Tracy (Louise Hay has died).

20 minutes into video: Doreen says SOME of the animals will come with her to the new place (I imagine the dogs, cats and small birds), but the farm animals have already been re-homed! She said there is no longer be a “donate” button on her website for donating to the animal rescue, as the rescue is already over and done with 😦

Doreen says she won’t be telling us where she is moving to! She will only say that it’s not in Hawaii and it’s someplace she will be flying to (with her husband and pets). I’m guessing it’s “the mainland” = the continental U.S.

UPDATE: On Facebook, Doreen confirms she’ll be moving to the mainland and living on a smaller ranch. I wish her the best with her move! My move to Vegas really s-u-c-k-e-d. My cat screamed the whole 2.5 days in the car and PODS took 2 long weeks to deliver my furniture and boxes.

I am creating animations on fiverr for YouTube! The animated videos are like cartoons. Here’s an example video I created about magician David Blaine and his infamous swallowing a live frog trick.

You can get a video like this with ANY MESSAGE you want written on it! And you can choose the style of music. See my new listing on fiverr (my name there is the same: newagestudies).

These short videos are e-cards. More fun than a paper greeting card, for about the same money. And it saves you the hassle of buying stamps and addressing envelopes! Just email the YouTube link to friends/family/co-workers.

I’m now on fiverr!

I opened a shop on fiverr called newagestudies. Fiverr is a freelance work website. It’s called “fiverr” because the offerings start at $5. So, I’m offering various things in my shop like animated videos and podcasting/podcast editing. I keep changing my offerings, or “gigs” as fiverr calls them, so check back to see what I have up!

I am starting to do life coaching but I don’t have it completely figured out yet. It’s going to incorporate the realms or hybrids that Doreen Virtue talks about (angels, fairies, mermaids, aliens….). Plus, a few hybrids that Tanis Helliwell talks about (rocks, goblins, trolls….). So step one will be to let me decide what realms you are in! I have this listing on fiverr: What Type of Spiritual Person or Realm are You? You can take a bunch of quizzes and/or I can read your photograph (some of the realms have distinct looks).

For now, check out my funny David Blaine video that I made for YouTube (and to learn the animation program I’m using). This is called a whiteboard animation, and you can get one in my fiverr shop!

My next idea is to design JibJab-style cartoon ecards for birthdays and get well wishes!

Kitty Cat Emergency

This little cutie is in the vet hospital with pneumonia!

This is my Maine Coon cat, Coconut. She was coughing (looks more like throwing up a hairball when cats do it) and sneezing once in awhile. Then she got shortness of breath (I saw her chest heaving and she was unusually tired). Just as I was deciding to take her into the vet again the next day (it was after hours), she started SCREAMING! It was horrifying. I drove her to the vet emergency room with my neighbor and we both thought she was going to die 😦

She is being treated with oxygen and antibiotics and is getting better! She might be home from the kitty cat ICU tomorrow or the next day. THANK GOD. She is my best friend. I have her sister, too, whose name is Licorice. Licorice is very magical and likes to hide in her “lair” (the walk-in closet). She will only let you see her if she deems you worthy (she hides from my pet sitter, even if I’m gone for a week). Coconut loves meeting new people and going for walks on a leash. She is very dog-like for a cat! She meows a lot and I love “talking” with her.


The vet still can’t figure out why she was screaming so loud. Maybe it was her way of saying, “Don’t wait ’til tomorrow to take me to the vet! TAKE ME NOWWWWWW!” My point is: animals DO COMMUNICATE with us! Not usually so loudly and dramatically as my Coconut. But do listen. This includes wild animals like birds.

Say a little prayer for ALL the cats in the whole world…especially the African lions who are so endangered now. Tomorrow is the anniversary for CECIL THE LION.

UPDATE: Coconut is home from the vet hospital ❤

My Realms Quizzes


If you don’t know, these quizzes are based on Doreen Virtue’s realms book and workshop. Realms are like human hybrids. You can be part Angel, part Cupid Love Angel, part Alien, part Flower Fairy and many more! I have included EVEN MORE INFO and MORE REALMS than you get with Doreen.

AND I have LIFE ADVICE specific to each realm!

I loooove studying the different realms. It’s very fascinating!

So, what realms am I?

I am part Tree Fairy, part Alien and part Angel.

What realms are Doreen Virtue?

Part Mermaid and part Rockstar Angel. I had to determine her realms as part of the certification process to be a Realms Reader.

UPDATE: I had my realms quizzes on fiverr but I took them down. I am working on putting ALL of the quizzes in ONE FILE that you can easily buy and download!