About Me

I created this blog, newagestudies.org, to share all the metaphysical and psychic and weird spiritual things I’m interested in learning about!

I wanted to be “the next Doreen Virtue” (giant in the metaphysical publishing world) until she up and became a born again Christian!

I love psychic abilities, meditation and wondering how the people in Atlantis levitated and communicated telepathically (like magicians do today).

Other info about me: I just moved to Vegas! I used to live in Hollywood, but got priced out of California. I hope to drive into LA once in awhile = road trip! It’s a 4 hour drive from here.

I’m very creative and this year I started creating cartoon animations for people to upload on YouTube. I’m on fiverr under the name newagestudies.

I’m always writing and working towards the day I make money from writing books!

I have about a million ideas I want to pursue = feeling a bit scattered 😉

My other passion is helping animals and saving the environment 🙂

xoxoxo, Ellen
September, 2017

Contacting me:

You can leave a comment here and I’ll be sure to see it (comments are moderated so it won’t get automatically posted).

Or email me directly: newagestudies -at- gmail.com

I am also on Instagram as angel_tarot_card_readings.

And on Facebook as Angel Tarot Card Readings.


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