David Blaine Merchandise On Sale

Today only! 4th July sale! On his website, all merchandise is 20% off. Card decks, posters, T-shirts and more. The DB black baseball cap is really awesome, if they are selling that. Use the coupon code given on the site.

David is doing shows in Canada July 4th and 5th, so he’s missing Independence Day. I am going to The Strip in Vegas to watch the fireworks… a little worried about how crazy it could get on The Strip.

UPDATE: So there were no fireworks visible on The Strip! I stood around waiting (actually I sat on a fountain by the Venetian) with tons of people. 9PM finally arrived and everyone became confused and frustrated – no fireworks! I saw 2 fireworks lit off by Circus Circus but obscured by buildings, north end of the Strip. And Mandalay Bay, south end of the Strip, was reported to be setting some off but the crowds of people by me couldn’t see them. I guess everyone was expecting fireworks over Caesar’s Palace, but they lit them off last Saturday night! So, did anyone come out to explain to the LARGE CROWDS of people waiting that there would be no fireworks? No! I really think the police should have told people to disperse, as a form of crowd control. Or someone from one of the casinos could have explained it to people. No fireworks on the 4th! No one knew what was going on, and most people were still standing on the sidewalks, waiting, when I gave up and left! Vegas sucks.


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