The Debut of Magical Social Media

You may have noticed I changed my name on Instagram to Magical Social Media. This is a new re-branding I’m doing! I was calling my freelance animated video work Ellen’s Animations, but I decided it sounded too cartoon-y (like a Disney movie) and I wanted to include my freelance social media graphics (I can design headers for your Etsy shop or your Twitter page). Soooooo, since you know I like magic and metaphysical stuff like fairies and unicorns, I am going with Magical Social Media. The long version is Magical Social Media Marketing, but that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue (or fit as a social media name). I am hoping to move to CA and get a custom MAGICAL license plate 😉 Since I get stressed out in traffic, I have now added Portland and north Denver/Boulder area to my list of new cities (but each is a 2-day drive and my cat screamed the WHOLE WAY here from Colorado when I moved to Vegas).

I have updated my online portfolio to include SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS (more examples coming later) and T-SHIRT AND SOUVENIR DESIGNS (from my Zazzle shop, BlackCatDrawings). And I am excited to offer more graphic design items on Fiverr to help people with their social media sites. I used to design souvenirs and I really liked it, so I’m looking for freelance work or a part-time job in LA doing that. Plus t-shirts.


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