Doreen Virtue Dropped by Publisher Part 2


Other things Doreen Virtue reveals in her February 9th YouTube video:

  • she is still friends with Radleigh Valentine (another Hay House author and card deck creator) and says he was mostly in charge of creating their co-owned Tarot decks – I guess this is a good thing because I want to see more Tarot decks!
  • she still likes gay people, but she is “praying for them”
  • she will no longer use Tarot cards or oracle cards or do anything that is divination – forbidden in the Bible (depending on who you ask – there are a lot of oracles in the Bible)
  • if you are conflicted about whether YOU should stop using Tarot and oracle cards, Doreen says consult with the Holy Spirit – this is a big change as she always said “ask the angels”
  • she still believes in angels and since they are in the Bible, they are OK (she didn’t mention fairies, which she sometimes calls Nature Angels but I don’t think she is OK with them because she mentioned she had planned to write a book about Nature Angels, but cancelled it after she became a Christian)
  • she had to give back the advances she was paid by Hay House for book deals she pulled out of (more financial problems for her!)
  • she choose the Pacific Northwest partly because the state she is living in has no income tax, whereas Hawaii has a high income tax
  • asked Hay House to stop printing her book Ascended Masters and they have, she believes some of the Ascended Masters she connected with were evil imposters
  • wants Hay House to stop printing all of her oracle cards, but that’s not as easy for them to do
  • had Hay House remove her name from all of the Tarot cards and oracle cards she created with co-authors; now the co-authors can continue with them
  • she never uses her own angel oracle or angel Tarot cards anymore! she describes reading cards as a crutch and believes you should ask God/pray
  • 1 more Doreen Virtue book and 1 more Doreen Virtue oracle card deck is coming out on Hay House in 2018
  • the book is about saints and angels (this annoys me because saints are a CATHOLIC thing and I know these born-again churches diss the Catholic Church! Doreen’s new followers aren’t going to want to read about Catholic saints – ONLY Jesus and the Bible. and I haven’t heard her say a peep about the Virgin Mary – another no-no in the ultra-right Christian churches)
  • the oracle card deck is called Love and Light. the imagery looks New Age but the cards have Bible quotes. Doreen was hoping this item would be OK to sell through Hay House, and she could plan more items that bridge the gap between Christians and New Agers (I do like this idea, actually, but it seems Hay House got fed up with all the hate mail they got after they published Doreen’s Jesus cards and Bible books.)
  • crystals are OK because they are mentioned in the Bible (heaven is paved with gold inlaid with gemstones like rubies and emeralds, etc.)
  • she considers herself married to Jesus! this is slightly off as Doreen thinks being baptized is analogous to marrying Jesus…but in the Catholic Church it’s the NUNS who are considered married to Jesus! some nuns will wear a wedding ring after taking their vows of celibacy, as if Jesus was their (non-sexual) husband
  • Hay House told Doreen they were dropping her just before Christmas ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • Doreen no longer has a Hay House Radio show, sad as this was my favorite thing she did! I even called in and got on the air once! she said I would get an environmental science job and live in Montana…didn’t come true. I am still only self-employed (in cartoon animation and graphic design/digital illustration) and I moved to Las Vegas instead! however, I still occasionally apply forย environmental science jobs (there aren’t many listed) – but not in Montana which has more trees than people!
  • she is now doing free Bible classes every day on her Instagram and Vimeo accounts
  • she said she will respond to just about any DM/direct message she gets on Instagram…I am tempted to ask her if she would help me get a book deal with Hay House to continue writing about some of the subjects she was teaching, like fairies who help the environment and people belonging to different realms. is this rude?




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