I support #guncontrol.

Another school shooting! President Obama wasn’t able to ban automatic weapons like the one used at Parkland High School in Florida. Show us what you can do, President Trump!



2 thoughts on “I support #guncontrol.

  1. Debbie A Anderson says:

    What surprised me after hearing about this most recent shooting was that there have been 8 shootings in schools this year in the US… and we are only in mid February…. And that the NRA are trying to put a bill through to allow children to carry weapons (guns) in schools to protect themselves if something like this happens. Are we losing all sense of sensibility people? Or is it just me?


    • Ellen Auchter says:

      It’s 18 school shootings since beginning of 2018! I think Texas did pass a law saying teachers/school officials and school cops can carry weapons. They are hoping to react to the shooting before police get there. I just completed an Emergency Response training course to be a volunteer during natural disasters, but they didn’t cover SHOOTINGS and I’d really like some training in how to protect yourself. Will look for a book on Amazon…I remember hearing about an ex-FBI agent writing one. It’s good to know what to do…for example some of these high schoolers said they locked the classroom door and stood behind a heavy bookcase, but the shooter fired through the windowpane of the door and because they weren’t crouched down low at least one of these students was killed 😦


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