Radleigh Valentine Talks About Doreen’s Virtue Unexpected Conversion to Christianity?

I am ALMOST done with my online learn Tarot course by Hay House’s Radleigh Valentine. He is good friends with Doreen Virtue (when I saw Doreen at a Hay House Live event in Denver, she brought both Radleigh and James Van Praagh up on stage with her). They’ve designed a bunch of Tarot decks together. I found out Radleigh (he’s super nice and VERY flamboyant) has a show on Facebook Live every week, so I watched it.

The first few minutes of his 2018 video are all about how UNEXPECTED and WEIRD some of the things that happened in 2017 were… and if someone had told him what would happen, he wouldn’t have believed them! He would’ve thought they were CRAZY! I think he is talking about Doreen and her shocking turnaround, leaving the metaphysical world for the Christian one, but he doesn’t mention her by name.

Is Radleigh talking about Doreen here?


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