America Cursed by the Hope Diamond?

I watched a short documentary about the Hope Diamond. It’s the super huge blue diamond that is on display in the Smithsonian in NYC. It’s long been rumored to be cursed, since Marie Antoinette wore it and was later beheaded! The Walshes, rich Americans in the Roaring Twenties, bought it only to suffer financial ruin and suicide. It was said to be stolen from the statue of a Hindu goddess in India, which started the curse.

What I found intriguing was that the documentary described testing done on the diamond by U.S. scientists. They discovered that, when exposed to ultraviolet light, the Hope Diamond glows red! It actually glows for a full minute. This is creepy! The scientists of today didn’t even know how the diamond was glowing like this. So they bored a small hole into the bottom of it and took a sample. They discovered that its blue color (blue with a bit of grey) is created by boron. Boron is a mineral mined out of the ground for making glass, laundry detergent (not used much anymore), bulletproof vests and more. The scientists tested other blue diamonds and found they contain boron, too. All of the blue diamonds glow red, but none glows as strongly or for as long as the Hope Diamond.

So does the big, 45k Hope Diamond carry a cursed energy? I think the message of the Hope Diamond is that flaunting your riches will lead to ruin. If you put stock in fancy diamonds and extravagant estates, like Marie Antoinette did while her people starved, you are putting riches above humanity. Remember the story in the Bible about the devil tempting Jesus. As the two stood on a high cliff overlooking a vast desert and a wealthy city, the devil offered Jesus all of the world’s riches in return for his supplication…and the devil’s color is red. Some people worry that since the Hope Diamond is now in a government building, the Smithsonian, it could be cursing the entire U.S.!

I think it’s interesting that we now have Donald Trump as our president, and he is known for his boastfulness and branding his name to be synonymous with getting rich! Around the world, America may be perceived as arrogant and misusing its wealth, a country that expects to be catered to. As power shifts in the world towards China, America would be wiser to be more supportive of other countries (no more oil wars, regime changes) and less entitled.


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