Greek Orthodox Church

I went to a Greek Orthodox church service for the first time! I grew up Catholic so it’s not too foreign to me. You even say, “one catholic and apostolic church” during the service! The word “catholic” actually means for all people. The Orthodox churches pre-date Catholicism. Some elements of the church service resemble Jewish practices, like male singers chanting. Β I went to part of the pre-service which is like a prayer service sung in Greek. The priest sings a few lines, and then the cantors or the choir sing a response. The priests wear robes similar to what Catholic priests wear. Unlike Catholic priests, they can marry! Lots of incense and bells are used, which I like. This is more like the old-style Catholic mass that was performed when I was a kid, before things were modernized (Latin was excluded, bells and incense only brought out for special holidays except for a few jingles while blessing the Eucharist, the priest now faces the congregation). Another difference is that instead of a host (flat white wafer) you get a chunk of bread during Communion (if you are not Orthodox and a member of this church you can get a piece of whatever bread is leftover – it’s considered blessed and good for you).

I really like the priest at this church and during the homily today he said the church is like a hospital…it offers MERCY to people in need. I thought this was really sweet. I’ve never heard a church described this way!

Personally, I get anxiety in church so it’s never a favorite past-time of mine, but I like the IDEA of finding a community of nice people to hang out with. This parish in Vegas has a lot of classes and pot lucks and church drives and even an after-church meet up. Catholic churches IMO really don’t do much for their parishioners socially. A few have donuts and coffee after mass, but not many. Do you feel connected to the people at your church? Do you think Christians should make a point to band together? Across the street from this church is a Mormon or LDS church with a packed parking lot. Mormons are generally VERY committed to their church, which I respect. I personally would like a church that is very, very liberal and open-minded and run by women πŸ˜‰ but I don’t know of any.


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