Gary Spivey Workshop Review

I have a love-hate thing with psychic medium Gary Spivey. I went to his energy workshop in Vegas (at Tahiti Village, one of the older resorts that has a lot of pools and inner tubing rivers for kids). He is very entertaining! If you don’t know, he always wears a super big white clown wig. Funny! And white pants, white shirt and white tennis shoes. The healer John of God has all of his clients wear white. He says its easier to see dark energies on white clothes. I imagine Gary has a similar reason for wearing white.

I was dismayed that the only comment Gary made to me after cleansing my energy field is that I’ll be able to more easily let go of my ego now that he’s cleared me. Most of the other people at the workshop got comments like, “You have a glowing crown on your head!” or “You have the Sacred Heart of Jesus!” So, I was a little peeved. Like I don’t have any “special thing” in my aura? Meanwhile, I am trying to do things in the metaphysical world (write books, teach classes, draw art)…. So, I was discouraged and didn’t feel like a special person 😦

ALSO, I felt REALLY ANGRY  for the rest of the workshop and the rest of the day! Maybe Gary’s gift is stirring up people’s energy fields?

I was flummoxed as to why he told me my ego needs to fall away. If anything, I’m “too nice”! That is the Angel part of my spiritual type (I’m part Angel, part Forest Fairy and part Alien). But I do want to make a name for myself as a writer. I am still not even sure if it’ll be in the metaphysical world (or political or crime thriller genre)…. So maybe he meant don’t concentrate so much on how to be “famous” (a published author at Barnes and Noble) and just write what sounds good to me.

Things that I liked at the workshop:

  • an exercise where you take your hand and circle clockwise over the top of your head while imaging a column of diamond light coming in/out the top of your head (Try it. It feels good!)
  • say “I’m bringing heaven down to Earth” and imagine Jesus and the angels standing right next to you (easier than always imagining you are up in the higher dimensions somewhere)
  • lots of funny stories about people he’s cleared (he believes in demons and dark entities and that you can be sitting in your body wrong/backwards = all very interesting and a little different than how I see things)
  • he told us he astral projected himself into North Korean despot’s Kim Jung Un’s private rooms and tried to prevent any further missile launches (very cool!), he said Kim Jung Un is basically crazy/unbalanced and thus is dangerous and unpredictable
  • he is interested in world politics (so am I), and told us the U.S. is hated around the world because of our military policies (we often say we are siding with someone, like a rich military despot, and then sell them arms that they use to kill their own people with (from rival tribal families or militias), only to later denounce the person and, finally, take him out and call him a war criminal with crimes against humanity (Iraqi president Saddam Hussein fits this story, but others do, too), plus IMO we are very unfair in our policies that support Israel while that government oppresses the Muslim Palestinians, we rail against Russia as being soooooo evil for no particular reason at this point in time (the news stories about Putin are slanderous propaganda IMO), and on and on. Gary said more and more countries will turn against us and we could be in trouble – I guess he meant at war, with few allies on our side (this made me think if China declared war on us – maybe an economic war – Russia would side with her)
  • his meditation that took us all to the Universal Sun (not our sun but an even bigger sun) made the room feel very still and quiet, he told us that when you meditate and reach this level of light, it calms down your brain and you stop constantly thinking random things like, “What’s that noise?” and “What should I have for lunch?” and “Should I get up and take a break?” and on and on. This is actually what the Eastern masters like Buddha reach; a place of complete stillness.
  • he told one girl she had upper back pain because she has angel wings and they weren’t unfurled correctly ❤

I wanted to ask Gary about living in Vegas, but I didn’t. He said when he flew into Vegas he felt a super dark energy, so he cleared it (this was after the shooting at Mandalay Bay/Route 91 concert). I am really wondering if I should live here or not!!!


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