Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Live Review

I saw Theresa Caputo, the psychic with the show called Long Island Medium, in Vegas last week for free! I won 2 tickets from a local radio station! I gave the second ticket to someone who signed up for my New Age Studies Meetups. It was at the Park Theater in the Monte Carlo casino (Cher normally does a show here. The theater is really nice!). I took a Lyft car (like Uber) for the first time! I was living in a smaller city, so I never needed to take one. It was $20 from my apartment to The Strip. Easier than driving in the congested traffic and paying for parking.

The Monte Carlo is an older casino right next to Mandalay Bay (where the Vegas shooting happened.) Mandalay Bay is easy to spot as it is a super big casino, covered in gold windows. I bought a soda ($8 but it was gigantic) and settled in.

Theresa first played the national anthem and displayed an American flag. Everyone stood for the national anthem. I am completely unpatriotic so I was a little surprised. She told us the reason for this was in support of the troops and everyone gave them a hand. That was nice, but I’m for peace; not war.

Theresa Caputo famously wears high heels and big, bleached blonde hair with lots of makeup. I decided she must have been a show girl or in a girl band in a previous life! She really wants to be seen. She’s short, so she makes sure she’s wearing some bling. On the night I saw her show, she was wearing 5″ heels with white sparkles. I liked them. She also had body glitter on her arms! She likes a little sparkle ๐Ÿ˜‰

She also came out swearing, which I didn’t like. Swearing is a negative energy, so I was confused as to why she’d choose to do that. I guess she likes to “keep it real” and appeal to a blue collar audience?

I was expecting a fun show and wanted to laugh a lot. But pretty much everyone cried! There were a lot of sad stories, like suicides and people dying suddenly from an unexplained illness. The most touching story for me was about a woman who died after childbirth. She had an infection in her C-section incision, but the doctors didn’t think so until it was too late. Then you realized the little 10 year old girl sitting in the audience WAS THE BABY! I guess she was adopted by this woman’s sister. So she never knew her mother.

Theresa didn’t mention the shooting in Vegas at all, which was odd. Unless I missed it. The girl next to me said maybe she’d talk to some of the dead victims, but it’s probably too soon for that.

If you are a fan of the Long Island Medium, you can join her fan club for $20/year. It sounds like a really good deal. You get 2 gift cards at Christmas. One is for you to use and the other one she suggests you give to charity. ย She also chooses 2 people from each audience who are fan club members to meet her backstage, so if you are planning to go to one of her shows it might be worth signing up quickly before you go!

The other reading I liked was the very last one of the night. She said the dead person was killed in a hit, like by the Mob. Someone called him and said meet me on the corner of these 2 streets. So he was standing there waiting and a car came and mowed him down! The guy in the audience refused to say much about it. He may be legally liable if he knew about the hit beforehand. It seemed like he was good friends with the dead guy and knew he was going to be killed but couldn’t risk telling him. Sounds like The Sopranos. I think the dead person showed up to tell this guy/his friend not to spend the rest of his life feeling guilty.

Theresa said even if you don’t get chosen for a reading (she walks around the audience and reads whoever she is drawn to), you’ll get little hits on things relevant to your life/dead people. I teared up when she said, before the Mob hit story, that some people are MURDERED. I swear she was even looking in my direction when she said this! A girl from my hometown area was murdered by a serial killer (Laurie Depies of Appleton, Wisconsin). What’s always bothered me about this is we never found her body. And when she went missing (she was in her early 20s) a lot of people said she just ran off with an old boyfriend! It didn’t seem like it was taken seriously. This was was about 25 years ago. I felt like the FBI was super sexist. Because they didn’t do grid searches immediately, her body was never found and there won’t be enough evidence to take anyone to trial. It’s been theorized that a particular serial killer, who was in the area visiting at the time, did the crime. But no one really knows. I’ve always wanted to honor her in some way (my good friend was good friends with her and I’d met her a couple times), by writing a book or, if I get the money someday, putting up a statue or a fountain in my hometown.

UPDATE:ย In December, 2017, Theresa Caputo and her husband separated. I wondered about this at the event because a guy in the audience playfully asked her, “Where’s Larry?” and she completely froze and said nothing…


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