David Blaine Rape Accusation

I was going to write today about the Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney coming forward to say she was molested by a coach. I wanted everyone to read the last sentence in her Instagram post: “Our silence has given the wrong people power for too long, and it’s time to take our power back.”

This comes on the heels of the #metoo hashtag campaign on Twitter (What woman HASN’T been harassed or molested?). And the scores of actresses coming out against powerful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

I clicked on The Daily Mail website today to see the headline, “David Blaine accused of rape by model.” The full story is on The Daily Beast (it’s loading really slowly – everyone is reading it right now!). I am shocked. I am a big fan of David’s and I went to see his live show this year, and I have tickets to see it again in December. I don’t know what to say.

Most of the comments on The Daily Mail story say why accuse someone so many years later (from 2004) and how can it even be proven or disproven at this point? Oddly, when I went to see David in Colorado Springs, CO, I had drawn this angel for him (but I didn’t have the nerve to give it to him!). Maybe he really needed this.



One thought on “David Blaine Rape Accusation

  1. elraya6 says:

    Its hard to comprehend what is being voiced now, hidden for so long, and it is hard for the human mind to have any understanding that would see good come out of this.

    On a higher perspective, in dialogue with the source/Higher self/ whatever name/label you place on a higher consciousness, the dialogue would be so different ❤ the friendly reminder that we are not the body, that our reality is but a dream and illusion been played out by other people, all to raise awareness in consciousness.

    When you are consistent in your practice of inner dialogue, inner healing, this sets you apart from the human mind that is all wound up and caught up in the trauma inflicted on another.

    Until the mind of man meets or connects to a higher frame of thought there will always be suffering, disillusion etc.

    Until then, it behooves me to render assistance by way of shining our loving light on what is being experienced in your world.

    The Feminine energy is rising as has been spoken of through different mediums.

    Let the energy rise and be the flame that, will constitute a reckoning on anyone that wants to suppress it, or put it out.

    You have the power, rise and shine..it is done


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