Bigfoot Photos

The DailyMail (British newspaper) has a new story about Bigfoot! A man in rural California has seen 5 of them on his land. He has a photo of one of them, and a footprint. He says 2 of his neighbors have seen the same Bigfoot family.

Click here to see the photo and read the story.

I believe him! As I wrote in my previous Bigfoot posts, this is an animal that is adept at hiding on the higher dimensions. They are super secretive and live deep in the woods. People who get an eerie feeling walking in the woods may be in the presence of one!

If you read the Bible, the people then talked about giants (Goliath). Giants are also featured on Game of Thrones πŸ˜‰ It’s quite possible that a few giants – like Bigfoot and its arctic brethren the Yeti – still exist.


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