Vegas Shooting

I was lying on my couch last night around 10:30PM, about to go to sleep, when I kept hearing siren after siren after siren!ย At first, it didn’t seem unusual because I live off of a major highway (the 215). I decided to check social media and see if something was happening…turns out it was THE WORST MASS SHOOTING in U.S. history! On the south end of the Vegas Strip (where all the casinos and hotels are).

I just moved to Vegas one month ago! To be honest, Vegas is pretty ghetto and I don’t recommend living here (lots of gun violence, domestic violence and people scamming you for money). So, I am not super surprised that someone would lose it and go postal here. I read online that the shooter was a gambler, so maybe he was hitting the skids financially? No one knows the motive for the shooting yet.

Again, I am PRO GUN-CONTROL! I was just on UNLV campus last week (getting free tickets to see Barb, the entrepreneur investor from Shark Tank) and 2 people were asking for signatures for a “save our gun rights” campaign. I was honestly disgusted! America has some of the most lax gun laws in the entire world. In Europe, you can’t just walk into Walmart and buy a shotgun. You can’t decide you want a semi-automatic gun like soldiers use in the army (for what purpose do you really need one?). You can’t buy boxes and boxes of ammunition. You can’t buy body-armor piercing bullets, exploding bullets, etc. For the SAFETY of EVERYONE!

So, that’s my rant. Another part of this unfolding story is a concert-goer who told our local news that a woman at the concert was acting erratically, pushing to get to the front near the stage, touching people’s hair and getting into arguments. She was saying, “You’re all going to die tonight!” People thought she was crazy and she got kicked out of the concert venue. Then, 45 minutes later, the shooting started. Was it a premonition? That is my guess.


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