More Doreen Virtue News! Leaving Hawaii and Closing Animal Rescue

I just started watching this week’s video from Doreen Virtue (she’s renamed them “Heart to Heart” videos – used to be Weekly Angel Card Readings) and Doreen says she is leaving Hawaii! She didn’t say where she is moving to (I’ve only watched the first 5 minutes of the video). I’m guessing mainland U.S. but not California where she used to live since Laguna Beach is a super, super expensive area. She says she needs to downsize A LOT so she is selling the animal rescue ranch and giving away most/all of the animals! She mentions wanting to help others and do a lot of charitable work including giving away most of her money/future book earnings (she says again in this video that she has spent all of her savings on rescuing the animals)…. Will she become a preacher and work at a mega church? Or start her own homeless outreach and grass roots church?

I will laugh if she moves to the Denver area because I just moved away from Colorado Springs (45 minutes south of there)! I’ve heard she has family connections in Denver and I’ve met people who took classes from her in Denver many years ago. And when I called into her radio show, she seemed to know about the Colorado Springs area. So maybe it’s an area she’s interested in. IF she was still a metaphysical speaker, I would be bummed to find out she’s there doing in-person stuff and now I’m here in Vegas!

I’ve been thinking about her prediction that I would move to a wooded area (like Montana) and get a state job with the forest service or another government environmental agency (like BLM, EPA). She told me this when I called into her Hay House radio show, but that didn’t happen! Instead, I moved to Vegas earlier this month! I never did get an environmental job. Now, I’m looking for a good part-time job that I can do along with the computer animation jobs I’m doing on fiverr (newagestudies).

UPDATE: I’m 15 minutes into her latest video now. Doreen is telling us she wants to follow the Bible and it says rich men don’t go to heaven (at least not easily). She mentions the part where Jesus asks the simple fishermen to drop everything and follow him, and they do. Then he asks a rich man to drop everything (give up his businesses, his house) and he refuses. Doreen says she wants to follow the Bible so she is selling everything she owns!


Doreen also says she wants to keep writing for Hay House, a big metaphysical publishing house. Because they are getting a lot of hate mail for publishing her Christian Bible book, she is asking people to write positive letters to the Hay House president, Reid Tracy (Louise Hay has died).

20 minutes into video: Doreen says SOME of the animals will come with her to the new place (I imagine the dogs, cats and small birds), but the farm animals have already been re-homed! She said there is no longer be a “donate” button on her website for donating to the animal rescue, as the rescue is already over and done with 😦

Doreen says she won’t be telling us where she is moving to! She will only say that it’s not in Hawaii and it’s someplace she will be flying to (with her husband and pets). I’m guessing it’s “the mainland” = the continental U.S.

UPDATE: On Facebook, Doreen confirms she’ll be moving to the mainland and living on a smaller ranch. I wish her the best with her move! My move to Vegas really s-u-c-k-e-d. My cat screamed the whole 2.5 days in the car and PODS took 2 long weeks to deliver my furniture and boxes.


7 thoughts on “More Doreen Virtue News! Leaving Hawaii and Closing Animal Rescue

  1. revivewithbhavana says:

    Hi! Congrats on your move to Vegas. I have a friend there who’s happy & settled living there & part of an open minded, non converting spiritual faith unlike Christianity. Best wishes on settling in & getting the perfect job for you! I hear you about Doreen’s prediction for you and that it did not come through. You know with any life predictions, it can change depending on your free will and the free will of others. As a reader myself, I have seen this happen. A prediction after all, it’s just an energy and look into the future, it has not happened yet, we create a future with every action and choice we take. (or don’t take). Anyways, whatever path you took aside from that reading, I hope it is happy for you! I am not surprised in a way, about Doreen’s move. It looks like the light workers who are here, including me, will be holding the high light and vibration of Hawaii, and not in a strict religious way. I wish her well on downsizing her life, and may all the animals she rescued continue to find wonderful homes. I love animals and work with them also, but can’t take any myself, because my kitty prefers to be the queen of the roost here. Sounds like she is going through many changes, I wonder if she’s going through her second Saturn return or Saturn opposition, or something like that. Anyways, wishing you well and enjoy reading your blog posts.

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  2. Whitelightninja says:

    So crazy but kind of excited for her I’ve been going through my own shifting beliefs too…. good for her! I have sold my stuff and followed god and Jesus before I get it awesome for her! Love this blog post ✨


    • Loretta Billingsley says:

      I watched her new weekly YouTube video. I thought that she looked very tired. I actually am praying for her because I worry for her. I believe she went through a life changing religious experience; as she’s mentioned, she’s had several in her life. She uses the Jesus Centered Bible now which as I understand, is part of the Jesus Centered Movement. So I thought why not buy the book and try to understand where she’s coming from. So I bought it and started reading it. I’m beginning to understand her passion for her dramatic shift from New Age to the Jesus Centered Movement as it seems appealing. It’s an interesting read. But I really struggle with the “conversion” aspect of her shift. It’s still got such a negative connotation for me. I’m going back to some of my religious philosophy books and one that I went back to was William James’ Varieties of Religious Experience. That’s helping understand a bit more as well.

      I think as I try to understand the “whys” of Doreen’s shift away from what she believed in for many years and going back to a traditional form of religion, it’s helping me understand why I CAN’T go back to a traditional form of religion. And when it comes down to it, I’m grateful that it’s forced me to not be static about my own beliefs because I think knowing God is anything BUT static. Thanks for the space!

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      • Whitelightninja says:

        Hmmm may have to read !! It was confusing for me her dramatic shift and made me question my own beliefs which are largely shaped by Hinduism, Metaphysics, and my own Empirical Mystical and Psychic Encounters…. I love Jesus but born agains really get on my nerves sometimes.


  3. Pamela says:

    I have been followng Doreen Virtue on her new path….and I am loving it. This is the first time I’ve been able to understand the Bible….she really is a guiding light….I would not go as far as to call her ‘born agains’ but whatever…..I love her calming nature and her love for animals and wish her all the best….


  4. Teya Fellman says:

    Bring back the happy, colourful adored and adorned Doreen. How can all that postive healing be evil? Nopsey! My feelibg, her hubby is very domibatibg and she followed him and got a wee bit lost on his world. He disliked all the attention/love the world has for her and well… He should have stayed behind the cameras instead of bringing her into the shadows. This womans light is dimming and it’s not right!! God is everyone and everthing so why would he want to dull her sparkle, her ability to inspire joy and magical realities in others. Nope! Man made. Her hubby. I can feel it, see it. Get out Doreen!! Get back to the world of the wonderous where people need u x


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