Are you ready for the TOTAL ECLIPSE of the SUN today? I am feeling very energized and antsy! Only an hour to wait here in Colorado!

I wrote on my Instagram page about the history and astrological meaning of the solar eclipse. Before British astronomers correctly mapped out our planetary system, people didn’t know WHEN a solar eclipse would happen. Imagine how scared they were when the sun suddenly disappeared!

Ancient peoples created folk tales to explain the sun’s disappearance. In Asia, it’s said a mighty dragon or an evil snake ate the sun. In India, it’s said 2 demons create the eclipse so people are told to stay inside and shut their blinds/curtains. In Tahiti, the people think the sun and the moon are so close together because they are making love!

Another old wive’s tale is that the solar eclipse is a king killer. Many famous leaders died soon after an eclipse of the sun: British King Henry, a king of Siam and other ancient rulers. Princess Diana died a day before a solar eclipse. Astrologers say President Trump (hated by many) is in danger because his rising sign is in Leo and this solar eclipse is in Leo! Another president at risk: Justin Trudeau of Canada. His rising sign is Leo also. I think the rumors that Trump will soon resign from office may prove true. He is acting erratically and losing so many members of his staff. Bannon from Breitbart news said he will go after the president in the press. How many more scandals and firings can Trump weather?


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