Doreen Virtue’s New Jesus Book, a Bible Devotional

Yes, I called it! Doreen Virtue’s new book is about Jesus!

I just noticed her announcement on Twitter. It’s called Mornings with the Lord and features the same Jesus artist as her Jesus cards. It’ll be out in October of this year (2017). It’s published by Hay House, who has been publishing her New Age books and cards.


Interesting to note that Doreen said in last week’s Divine Guidance video that she converted to Christianity in 2015! That’s 2 years ago! It was while she was creating her Loving Words from Jesus cards. I’m a little miffed we aren’t hearing about it until now.

Also interesting: in her Amazon author profile, Doreen describes herself as a born-again Christian. So, it’s official!



You can read a couple pages from the book on Doreen’s Twitter page. It’s a daily devotional, with Bible passages and prayers for every day of the year. She describes the book as “a great book for those desiring to develop a closer loving relationship with God and Jesus.”

I don’t think Doreen will be returning to New Age circles after this…she is digging herself a pretty deep hole. She has completely changed who she is! Part of me is disappointed, because I normally buy just about everything she puts out…it’s almost like a death. Or Invasion of the Body Snatchers. But part of me is giddy with excitement that I could replace her on metaphysical bookshelves – mwaaa haaa haaa!



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