Catholic Church Money Scandal


I saw a news story today that the 2nd in command at The Vatican (under our last pope, Pope Benedict) is under investigation for TAKING MONEY FROM A CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL. How evil is that! He got $250,000 from them to re-decorate and remodel his luxury villa in Rome. You just can’t make this stuff up!

The charity hospital, which treats poor kids with CANCER, said it wanted to give the cardinal $250,000 of its donation money to redo his villa so the charity could do fundraisers at the fancy mansion! Hmmmm-mmmmm.

Whenever I hear about the misdoings of the Catholic church, I think about the awesome storyline in Game of Thrones about the Faith of the Seven. The leader walks around in sackcloth with no shoes, saying he’s just a simple man who wants to help the poor. But, in reality, he is working hard to get in tight with the queen and her family and is super power-hungry!

This also reminds me of Pope Benedict’s Gucci shoes! Maybe that is why he was pope for only a short time…. He had Gucci hand-make red slippers for him = the height of luxury.

I do believe the Catholic church/The Vatican/the Pope is going to fall due to the high levels of corruption and misdeeds in the church. As the age of ascension nears, it becomes impossible for people to keep evil secrets like this. The truth comes out!

Not to mention the super evil child molestation cases and subsequent cover-ups, which also reached the highest levels of the church.


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