Happy 4th! Be Spiritually Free!

I got an emailed newsletter from psychic medium James van Praagh today and he talks about SPIRITUAL FREEDOM. A great topic for 4th of July!

Do you feel free to follow your OWN SPIRITUAL PATH? Or are you chained to the old ways of doing things, like church and The Bible?




You are FREE to create your own spiritual practice.

What do you LIKE doing? Praying or meditating? Yoga or going to church? Reading uplifting books like “Angels in my Hair” by Irish angel lady Lorna Byrne or Marianne Williamson’s take on A Course in Miracles? Or the New Testament in the Bible? Going to a meditation class or just listening to meditative music on iTunes? (I like Larisa Stow with Shakti Tribe.) Going for nature walks and imagining all your stress being recycled into the Earth? Or being active in your community like volunteering for causes?

Be honest and pick what you can really stick with! Plan out a new spiritual practice STARTING TODAY.


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