Jim Morrison = Fiery Sex God

I re-watched the movie The Doors this week! Val Kilmer was so awesome as Jim Morrison.  Is it possible Jim was some sort of fiery sex god? He wrote a lot of imagery about fire (“Come on baby, light my fire, Try to set the night on fire” is one of my favorite song lyrics and great to listen to if you need some energy). There are a lot of sun/fire gods and goddesses, like Pele in Hawaii. Very free and hyper-sexual. Jim was always writhing around onstage in tight black leather pants. In the movie, naked girls would run up to him onstage (I guess this was a thing in the Sixties!). He even called himself “The Lizard King” (after doing a lot of peyote in the desert). Sexy!

Jim also wrote amazing poetry. In one scene in the movie his girlfriend Pam (miscast as cutesy Meg Ryan) says, “You’re not a rock star, Jim. You’re a poet.” And I agreed with her.

Interesting to compare and contrast the 1960s to today! Our society is so stratified now. Back then, it was divided into the hippie idealists and the government-supporters who agreed with the war in Vietnam.

Another comparison I made is the drug use, especially heroin. After killing so many rockstars in the ’60s and ’70s, heroin is back! Where I live, there are a lot of homeless young adults – probably 90% of them are heroin addicts. People are turning to it for a cheaper high when they are addicted to pain pills. Sad. I saw a post on Facebook that said since we ended up with MORE drugs after our War on Drugs, why don’t we have a War on Jobs? Maybe we will end up with MORE JOBS.

Jim Morrison died from a heroin overdose, as is now confirmed by singer Marianne Faithful, who heard all about it at the time, and the owner of the nightclub where he was found dead. Yes, the story of him dying in the bathtub (shown in the movie) under unknown circumstances is fake. He really died in a Paris nightclub bathroom after buying heroin from a dealer at the club. This story is on the Daily Mail website. The nightclub owner was alerted that someone was not opening the door to the bathroom stall, and he kicked it down and saw Jim Morrison dead 😦 Wanting to avoid any sort of police involvement, the dealers (and maybe the nightclub owner was complicit in this) moved the body back to Jim’s Paris apartment at around 2 AM, where his girlfriend was staying. Maybe she stuck him in a bathtub full of cold water in hopes of reviving him?

Heroin kills! Both the dealer and Jim’s girlfriend Pam would later die of heroin overdoses.


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