James van Praagh Live in Denver – Part 2

Being in the workshop was very inspiring and I thought of ANOTHER gig I can put up on fiverr: spiritual advice or spiritual life coaching. You can ask me 1-3 questions, send me your name and photo and I’ll see what psychic insights I get for you!

Honestly, I think EVERYONE IS PSYCHIC. We’ve just forgotten how to tune into it. James calls it “making the connection.” He says meditate every day, listen to calming music, go someplace quiet to relax. I do this every day. My 2 cents is to use lavender aromatherapy every day, or a sage spritz or something to clear the energy in your home. James brought a Tibetan set of bells with him, which I own too. Very clearing!

I noticed that just about everyone in attendance was….(drumroll) a WOMAN! Yes, “mother’s intuition” might be a real thing! Partly, this is because women are told its OK to be tuned into to the emotions of themselves and other people, especially loved ones. My mother always says she “just knows things” about people in her life, and sometimes about world events. Whereas men are pressured to be very logical and tune out their emotions/intuitive feelings.

If you believe in past lives, it’s quite likely that many of us women were “witches.” Most witches were like herbalists who lived in the woods, coming up with potions and healing salves from the trees and plants in the forest. So we all likely have some magical powers in our bloodline! Not to mention the gypsy card readers and healers, who I find fascinating also. And if you had past lives as a Native American, you likely knew tons of natural healing techniques or you could’ve even been the tribe’s shaman (usually male, but you can switch genders in different lifetimes).

Another interesting thing people were talking about at the workshop is how we felt magnetically pulled towards each other. It’s very noticeable if you close your eyes and stand close to someone. You’ll feel your body sway towards them! This is because we are attracted like a magnet to the other person’s energy field, especially someone with energy similar to ours (someone we “resonate” with) or someone with a powerful magnetic field, like James or another famous psychic.

Random thought: I saw someone wearing a “SPIRITUAL GANGSTER” hoodie and now I want one!

The only psychic prediction I heard James make is an attack on the NYC subway system. I personally think there will be a dirty bomb in NYC. That means it will be partly nuclear!

I left half way through the workshop, at the lunch break. I still get tired easily, so I thought it was better for me to just drive home early (1 hour drive, but with traffic it took 1 1/2 hours). It was an enjoyable workshop. I’ve mentioned before that I love James’ meditation classes in his online school, School of Mystical Arts.

Oh, he also name-dropped John Edwards, another psychic medium who mostly talks to dead people. The last I heard, he moved his TV show online. I am wondering who the “new” crop of famous metaphysical/spiritual people will be! Some people like Gabrielle Bernstein, but I’m not a fan. She’s the only one I can think of! I would like to be in the mix.

One more thing I thought of: James recommended that everyone choose between being: a psychic, a medium or a healer. A medium is a psychic who specializes in talking to dead people (like your dead relatives). This is if you are going into it professionally. Instead of trying to be all three (or more!), concentrate on the ONE THING you are best at. I decided to choose PSYCHIC, even though I am very interested in energy healing, too.

Read Part 1 if you haven’t yet!


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