James van Praagh Live in Denver – Part 1

Yesterday, I saw psychic medium James van Praagh in person! He did a meditation class at Mile Hi Church in Denver. You can see his events listed on his personal website. He does quite a lot of them! He mentioned he’s going to Maui next week to do a writer’s workshop with Doreen Virtue. I was dying to ask him what he thinks about Doreen’s conversion to born-again Christianity!

I actually saw James live in person once before…at the Doreen Virtue event I went to in Denver a couple of years ago (part of a Hay House Live tour). He came onstage for part of Doreen’s talk. He’s very low key but likes to joke around a lot. I am thinking he is part Leprechaun! If you’ve taken Doreen’s Realm Reader workshop, you’ll know what I mean! Leprechaun’s have a little twinkle in their eye and like to joke and gossip and have fun.

What did James have us do at the meditation workshop? Mostly, we picked one person in the audience to work with. We did quick exercises like scan their energy, look into their eyes and see what insights you get, hold something from them (psychometry) in your hands and see what it reveals. Everything was quick and easy. Since I’ve gone to other psychic development classes, I could’ve done harder exercises. But anytime you do psychic stuff with a group of people, it seems SO EASY to get information! Everyone in the class saw things (like aura colors) or felt things (I felt a lot sadness from one of the women).

The exercises re-confirmed to me that the best way to “read” someone – even someone you are meeting in “real life” – is to close your eyes/avert your eyes and just go with what you “feel” about the person. We are all bombarded with information from the energy fields of people, but we are taught to ignore this! In fact, it’s much more accurate to “go with your gut” than to judge a person by what they say about themselves (often fudged/misleading) or what others tell you about them (gossip usually has an agenda).

My favorite experience at the workshop was choosing people at random and looking into their eyes. Since looking someone directly in the eyes gets uncomfortable fast, I just unfocused my eyes and gazed over their shoulders. Something about facing the person, but not saying a word, felt very revealing and intimate.

I loved one of the people I got to read like this. She had a VERY STRONG Atlantean vibe. Atlanteans are described as very tall and thin, very self-assured, great public speakers who stand up for what’s right. President Obama = Atlantean (another Realm Reader thing). This woman at the workshop had an amazing ball of blue aquamarine light hovering by her head! I glimpsed it quickly and then it was gone (I suck at seeing auras). This color is associated with Atlantis, the very psychically-advanced society by the sea. Also, this woman had a very unique and interesting necklace on. Like a golden swirl that formed a symbol. I really wished I could ask her about it! But James instructed us to remain silent and move on to reading someone else ;(

My second favorite exercise was scanning a person’s aura or the energy field around their body. I didn’t actually think I’d be good at this! Some people see auras so easily, but I can only SOMETIMES see a faint white line around things. I went to a professional quantum energy healer in Denver a long time ago, and he basically did the same thing we did in this exercise (and charged a lot of money for it). You just slowly run your hand about 3-6 inches off the person’s body. The other person just stands still with their eyes closed. It was super easy to get information this way! Try it with someone.

I definitely felt a lot of excess energy around the head of the woman I scanned. Like they were “in their head” too much, thinking and re-thinking things. It was like a waterfall of energy from the left side of her head towards her left chest. I really didn’t think I’d be good at this exercise, but I felt it immediately and it seemed very obvious to me as I scanned her (hovered my hand over her). When I was done reading her energy field, I told her that she is thinking too much/being too logical when she really wants to be in her heart more (a common problem in today’s world). She agreed. She told me she very much wants to be more involved in women’s marches and other political activism and has been wondering how to do it. I offered a lot of advice/encouragement to meet up with other women who want to go to these marches, and maybe carpool, etc. She said she met someone who lives in Wyoming and she got the idea of helping transport women from Wyoming into Denver because Wyoming doesn’t have any women’s marches. So (a) people usually KNOW what they should be doing but get apprehensive about taking action and (b) I am awesome at giving advice and should be doing this on fiverr! 😉

When we switched places and she read my aura/energy field, she correctly said I have some deficit with my yellow chakra. This has been such a problem for me! And I still don’t know how to fix it! I got gallbladder surgery a long time ago and it completely ffed things up for me/my body. I gained 75 pounds! And then I got a chronic fatigue illness! So I am still trying to figure out how to get more energy. The yellow chakra is like your personal battery. She also said I have a huge surge of energy coming out of my 3rd eye! It was kind of funny because James van Praagh had just pulled one girl out of the audience to be a test example and he said the same thing about her! He said she should really be working as a psychic or a medium professionally. So, I was jazzed about that!

Read more in Part 2!


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