My Review of David Blaine Live Show: Part 2

I’m still on a David Blaine high 😉 Or maybe I feel this way because I hardly slept last night! I was too excited after the show to go to sleep.

Asi Wind also appears in the show. He is David’s friend, a mentalist from Israel. Asi is also in this NY Post article about David getting ready for this live tour. The article has a few big photos of David’s magic hideout (giant posters of Houdini on the wall). Super cool that David has a hidden magic lair somewhere in NYC! Do you want to know what tricks Asi Wind did? If not, don’t read this part! I loved the mentalist thing he did with little white envelopes, a credit card and slips of paper. He also did a few tricks with Rubik’s cubes.

Do you want to know what tricks and stunts David did onstage? If not, don’t read this paragraph! He did a puzzle trick, a swallowing a frog trick, a swallowing a wedding ring trick, human voodoo doll thing (touching one person but it’s the other person who feels it) and stabbing himself with an ice pick and the drinking kerosene and water to make fire and then put it out. Do you want to know what he did for his grand finale? At my show, it was the holding your breath underwater. UPDATE: David’s personal best for breath hold is 17 minutes. He did about half that at my show (8 minutes). Following that was an audience Q&A. But he’s said he may change up what tricks/stunts he does since he has so many shows to do in a row.

A couple of tricks/stunts I was hoping David would do but didn’t see: (1) making butterflies appear. I was very much hoping to see this because I saw in his SnapChat that he was testing out a butterfly lighting effect. The lights looked like streams of butterflies falling down from the ceiling! UPDATE: Now that I’ve seen some photos of his show online, I think I did see these lights in the show! At the end, during his finale? It’s not butterflies, but swirling white lights on a blue background. I just bought a light like this at Target for $20, part of their Halloween outdoor lighting. One of MY FAVORITE TRICKS that David does is getting a butterfly to land on him! It is in one of his older TV specials, when he is entertaining little black kids in the 9th Ward of New Orleans hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. (2) levitating. In his latest TV show, Believe, Criss Angel looks like he’s gotten sooooo much better at levitating! I was wondering if David’s been practicing to keep up with Criss??? Maybe not, since he didn’t do any levitating at my show (he said he might do different tricks/stunts at different shows though).

Revealing anecdote David told us during the Q&A part of the show: David said that after one of the other live shows he felt down about his performance. He thought one of the tricks/stunts he did wasn’t good enough. But his friend/tourmate Asi told him it’s not about being “good or “great.” It’s about being “better!” Like just get better with every show. I thought this revealed a lot about David’s personality = driven perfectionist? Kind of startling that he judges himself harshly when he is so successful, monetarily and with the number of fans he has. The arena looked packed and it holds several thousand people!

Read Part 1 of this post if you didn’t yet.

2nd David Blaine live show reviewed! Read about his show in Cincinnati on December 1.




12 thoughts on “My Review of David Blaine Live Show: Part 2

  1. Michael Cerulo says:

    any chance of you selling the poster on ebay? I saw people carrying them at the show I went to. Damn I should have spent the 3-400 on the VIP package. But he was nice enough to take pictures out back of the venue for FREE when the show was over! Got a picture with him and everything


    • Ellen Auchter says:

      No, someone else wanted it but I’ve been displaying it in my meditation corner and I really want to keep it now 🙂 I wonder if he has extra posters at the end of his tour if he’ll put them up for sale on his website? That’s cool you saw him after the show! And got a photo. I think the VIP was worth it to see him close-up, even though it went by VERY fast. I wish he would keep doing a small show like this in Vegas so I could see him again next year.


  2. Linda Kennard says:

    My name is Linda went to the show here in New Orleans…I was chosen to be on stage for the pick under the cup and putting the pick in his arm trick…however I can’t write trick bc it wasn’t…I am still in awe and smiling…he was awesome. Would definitely recommend…wish I could get a video of the show😎


    • Ellen Auchter says:

      The ice pick under the cup is very cool. He did that with Kanye in one of his latest ABC TV shows, but I haven’t found his 2 recent specials for sale anywhere. Has anyone else? He is filming this tour so maybe he will sell a video! Extra awesome if you make it into the video.


    • Ellen Auchter says:

      Yeah, I think the cheap seats are worth it. $45 isn’t much! He does have a giant screen. And he shows up in the lobby BEFORE the show to take photos with fans, so you can try to see him close-up.


  3. Erica Diaz says:

    I just won tickets on the radio to see David Blaine…. Unfortunately it’s a Thursday. I am considering taking my 11 year old son. Do you think it’s appropriate for him.


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