Doreen Virtue’s husband Michael appears in her video for this week (June 5th, 2017): click here to watch on YouTube. The video is earmarked to start at the point he enters the conversation. He is very into animals and animal rehab. Lookswise, a bit of a schlubby hubby? I was expecting someone more professional and wealthy-looking. Lucky him to live on an animal rescue ranch full-time!

The husband says the 2 are already dipping into their savings to pay for the rescue ranch. This furthers my concern that they are getting TOO MANY ANIMALS! I cringe a little whenever they say they’ve gotten a new animal. I hope they are getting professional management advice from others in the animal rescue business.

P.S. I LOVE ANIMALS but I was ready to chuck that bird out a window after a few minutes of its screeching!


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  1. Debbie A Anderson says:

    I have to openly admit I don’t usually watch DVs videos because they are so full of her own self worth … “look at me ….look what I am doing” rather than actually sharing something that is of credence to her viewers…. Did I hear right that she called followers of Jesus sheep?? Maybe the “sheep” need to follow her… or maybe, they will find their own inner Guru and intentionally live their lives.


    • Ellen Auchter says:

      Yes, it did sound a bit funny the way she said it! Like we are all sheep or sheeple blindly following along. But it is Biblical to say Jesus is the shepherd and we are his flock/sheep.


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