Even More about Doreen Virtue Christian Turnaround

I have 2 long posts for you to read if you haven’t already:

Doreen Virtue Bombshell: Now a Christian promoting Jesus

And “More about Doreen Virtue’s Conversion to Christianity”.

Now the question is: What are YOU (and me) going to include in your New Age beliefs? Doreen says she will follow: Jesus, the angels, good fairies, unicorns, but mostly JESUS.

I am unsure about this. I wrote on my blog last year about doing all fairy things…and then I could never get it going. I always post about leprechauns near St. Patrick’s Day in March and no one seems to like those posts! I loved Doreen’s descriptions of the different realms, and that’s what really got me excited about fairies and the other elementals! I am part fairy, I decided ❤

I like that the New Age movement has women, like the goddesses and female ascended masters. But I’m not SUPER into them. I would love to do something that promotes GIRL POWER, but I am not sure what. I love Mother Mary, but she has a soft persona. Some of her spiritual powers seem wrapped up in her being a virgin. I briefly thought about doing witch stuff, but Wiccan seems too dark. Maybe fairy magic?

So, I am a bit adrift.

I like Jesus, but I would never promote a church. They ALL seem too sexist to me!

Unicorns are cool.

I would also like to do something that’s about manifesting abundance. But, I run into the same problem! Should I use magical fairies? Jesus/God? Leprechauns? Unicorn magic? Candle magic? The goddess Lakshmi, who is Hindu? I’m really not sure! I just took a class locally about abundance and I decided to test 8 different ideas and see which gives me the best results. I will let you know.

Do you think Doreen Virtue’s conversion to Christianity and all things Jesus will lure women away from New Age spirituality? Are you going to incorporate more Jesus talk into your blog/social media posting? Or did you give up on the Christian churches a long time ago?


7 thoughts on “Even More about Doreen Virtue Christian Turnaround

  1. Lance says:

    I do not like Doreen Virtue. I feel she is controlling (maybe not on a conscious level) and like you said, but in my own words, up Jesus’ ass. I am a gay male and I did enjoy her at first because being in Alabama my whole life I was sick of seeing nothing but conservatives as far as the eye can see. She did represent Goddess energy for me, however as the years went on, her relaxing and healing presence became more and more controlling and uncomfortable, and eventually she started saying things that were VERY Christian. And like I said before, I don’t believe in demonizing the ego, which is like her version of the devil. She actually said the ego is the devil. If one holds Jesus (a male energy) above all the rest, that to me says that you are saying that that male energy IS better, and start acting that way subconsciously. She also borrows too much, and it’s my understanding that it doesn’t work that way. Not all gods and spirits agree with each other. There may very well be deities that don’t find her fascination with Jesus very appealing. Not because they’re evil but because they too do not promote patriarchy and understand how dangerous it is in the long run.

    These are just my ramblings…



    • Ellen Auchter says:

      As a woman, I don’t like how Jesus-y she is now, either! Born-again churches don’t include Mother Mary or female saints like Teresa the Little Flower. I always kind of liked the Hindu religion since they have SO MANY gods and goddesses to choose from!


      • Lance says:

        Right? I mean, there are many different kinds of people and to me it makes sense that we we need more deities to choose from, because everyone has different needs spiritually. Leaving it to just one male deity? WTF?


      • Ellen Auchter says:

        Plus, Doreen said churches are saying Jesus is God! And she’s not sure if this is true or not. That’s so weird to me. The story was always that God sent Jesus to Earth, and Jesus is half-man and half-divine. They are really trying to make Jesus the be-all and end-all of religion.


  2. SteamPress says:

    You have to realize she is new at this and got 3 STRONG visions of Jesus, and reported ZERO for Mother Mary at this time.

    Intriguing though, Mary has been appearing now and then amidst a flurry of phenomena and miracles such as Fatima 1917 and more recently the Medjugorje Six.


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