Jesus and the Clay Pots

All of this talk about Jesus has me thinking about the Bible! What is your favorite parable (story that tells a life lesson) in the Bible?

Mine is Clay Pots! Basically, the Clay Pot is like the body of a person. Plain, brown, nothing special. What’s special is what’s INSIDE = the love of God. If we fill our Clay Pot/body with the glowing love and light of God, Jesus promises we will be unbreakable.

Here’s part of the Clay Pots parable from 2 Corinthians 4:7:

“We are often troubled, but not crushed;

sometimes in doubt, but never in despair….

And, though badly hurt at times,

we are not destroyed.”

(I used Today’s English version of the Bible.)

Think about this during your day today, and FEEL UNBREAKABLE!


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