More about Doreen Virtue’s Conversion to Christianity

Doreen posted a new video to Facebook/YouTube about her conversion to Christianity. She will now be promoting Jesus instead of New Age stuff.

UPDATE: Doreen has taken this video down from YouTube! CLICK HERE to watch Doreen’s Jesus video.

She explains that she grew up in the Unity church, which is a little different than most Christian churches. It’s more similar to Christian Science, started by Mary Baker Eddy. Doreen said Mary Baker Eddy was actually a follower of Phineas Quimby, who started the Unity church. So, like I mentioned in my previous post, Doreen was never baptized as a baby! She’d heard about Jesus, but not in the traditional Christian way like with Hell and Damnation.

Now, she is attending an Episcopalian/Anglican church in Hawaii. I was wondering what denomination of church she is in – like how Bible-thumping. When I lived in Hollywood, the Episcopalian/Anglican church there displayed a huge AIDS ribbon. The church got a lot of press for allowing gay weddings and for ordaining gay clergy before most people were OK with it.

So, my burning question has been: what’s in and what’s out? Doreen says she will still sell stuff about angels (and, of course, Jesus). She will also sell books/cards about unicorns. And about fairies (she specifically mentioned flower fairies and tree fairies but said she will not promote “dark fairies”).

Who’s in?


Who’s out?


She mentioned her book again, Angels and Ascended Masters, and said she’ll be re-writing it and taking lots of deities out. She didn’t specifically say which ones… I guess Ascended Masters would include: Atlanteans, Egyptians, Greek gods/goddesses? I’m still wondering if she’ll axe the Celtic goddesses and the Island goddesses. She also has a Native American goddess, White Buffalo Calf Woman, in the Ascended Masters card deck, which she said she’ll be re-issuing minus the deities she no longer believes in. Merlin, the wizard is in the book and card deck, too. I am interested to see if she takes out her one alien reference, to Commander Ashtar. I think the aliens known as The Collective are very, very, very good and important in that they want the world to advance!


  • A Course in Miracles, which is a set of books and classes about Jesus that Marianne Williamson based her first book on (I love that book!). I never did read A Course in Miracles because it’s very long – like a bunch of encyclopedias.

So, why did Doreen Virtue convert to Christianity and become so Jesus-y? She says in the video that she feels like she has fewer problems since she started reading the Bible and going to church. And especially since getting baptized. She thinks New Agers are missing the boat. She said she knows a lot of New Agers who have a lot of personal problems = their religion doesn’t seem to be working for them. She had 3 intense visions of Jesus and wants to be completely devoted to Him now. She says in the video that her husband told her to watch some YouTube videos of people who were saved from hell by Jesus. In the videos, people describe how they were near death, like dying during surgery. They saw themselves in hell with people screaming and wailing. Then, they saw Jesus and He saved them. Doreen thinks because each person (some weren’t Christian at all) says it was Jesus who saved them, that Jesus must be the most important/powerful deity.

This annoys me a bit. IMO born-again Christians go gah-gah over Jesus while barely mentioning God who is above Him; in the Catholic church it is more about the Trinity which is God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Plus, in every Catholic church you’ll find a statue of Mary plus many saints, so people’s devotion is more balanced – one thing the Catholic church gets right! When I went to non-denominational churches in the South, it was all Jesus, all the time. I found this even more sexist than the Catholic church! Many Catholics revere the Virgin Mary just as much as they do Jesus, and this gives girls/young women a role model to look up to.

Also, I disagree with Doreen and I don’t believe in Hell. I believe in Sylvia Browne’s version which is that truly evil people like Hitler and Saddam Hussein are black souls that get immediately recycled, coming back to Earth as another evil dictator. The world is an experiment between Good and Evil, so God needs some evil people on the ground at all times. Sylvia said the vast majority of people are “gray souls,” meaning neither truly evil/black souls nor 100 per cent pure and holy white souls. When most people die they go to a special holding area in heaven to watch their life review and see and feel where they have hurt people/themselves. It takes them awhile to forgive themselves and others. Then, it’s their choice to either stay in heaven or prepare to be reincarnated for another go-round on Earth. I think the Hell and Damnation idea is just something the church came up with to get people in the pews. FEAR SELLS. Ask any marketer.

How does Doreen deal with accusations that the church is sexist and against gay people? She says the church she goes to, the Episcopalian/Anglican church, isn’t. She explains sexism and homophobia was written into the Bible because it was part of the accepted culture of that time. I just know that the Catholic church is STILL sexist and homophobic and against birth control and against women priests, etc. The Catholic church has had opportunity after opportunity to modernize, and time and time again it refused. I think it will lead to the church’s downfall! I believe part of the New Age movement is to boost the power of women across the globe, including in religion. Go goddesses! And Mother Mary!

Does Doreen Virtue think the End Times may be upon us? YES! This is a common theory in born-again churches, that you must get saved and accept Jesus before you die or before the world ends, whichever comes first. She says in the video that maybe NOW is the End of Days, because of what’s happening in politics with President Trump and Syria and North Korea. Maybe some other New Agers are turning to Jesus out of fear of  World War 3? Will it be a nuclear war? I DO THINK there will be some nukes set off soon. I would guess by North Korea. Or by ISIS or another rebel group with “dirty bombs” that are just thrown together with some nuclear material. But that doesn’t mean the whole planet is going to blow up! Psychics have predicted a no-go zone = a city with too much radiation due to a nuclear explosion. Let’s hope it’s not London or Paris or NYC!

I do give Doreen Virtue props for being honest. She could’ve just retired and taken all the money she’s earned over the years and never told her followers that she doesn’t believe in some of this stuff anymore.











24 thoughts on “More about Doreen Virtue’s Conversion to Christianity

  1. Shaheen Miro says:

    I wish the video was still available. I want to see her talking about this… I have mixed feelings just reading what others have said. But your explanation seems to be the most level headed I have found. I have noticed her speaking about Jesus more frequently… but she has always talked about Jesus in some way. That never really bothered me. I just don’t understand how such a fear-based path intersects with the light and love… to the point of being fluffy… that she used to share. Maybe she started to feel like there was a little more to the equation than just goodness all the time.

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  2. Ellen Auchter says:

    That’s weird that she took it down…. You can turn comments off on YouTube so I don’t think that’s why. I wonder if it’s still on her Facebook page? I will look. I notice they only approve glowing posts by other Jesus-people on the Doreen Virtue Facebook page!


  3. Ellen Auchter says:

    It’s not on her Facebook page anymore, either. It’s kind of lonely in the metaphysical world without her! Sylvia Browne is long gone…. Diana Cooper is the British version, but she has been seriously ill this year. I guess I like James Van Praagh. I’d rather have a woman “mentor” though.


  4. mistywillow says:

    She probably got rid of it because there were around three comments on her facebook from people who were displeased and they received more likes than those who were in support of her. She can’t have the gravy train out now can she? I for one have sold everything of hers that I owned and won’t part with another cent. You can’t milk the pagan world, then back flip just because Christianity is on the uprise again. I remember when she started, it was a time when people were very disgruntled with the Church and were looking for alternatives. Now it is becoming popular again, look who loves Jesus. Yes, she has always been proud of her Christianity, but this Jesus pressure is just a joke. I work with the fae and the Goddess and no way do they want me praying to Jesus before our time pfft


    • Ellen Auchter says:

      Yeah, it annoys me that her comments are so tightly moderated on Facebook and elsewhere. No one can say anything negative about her becoming a born-again Christian! I’m sure people have a lot to say…. I looked up Doreen Virtue Christian on YouTube last night and found a few ppl spouting off. People undoubtedly feel betrayed. What if the Pope suddenly became a Fairyologist? People would freak. I personally invested A LOT of TIME and MONEY over the years listening to her on the HayHouse Live radio show, reading her books, buying her card decks and I even attended one of her events in Denver (expensive!). I like Jesus, but she is taking it way too far. The born-agains are a form of religious extremism.


      • Celeste says:

        Doreen also posted something telling people to go to church, and recommended the Episcopal church because they accept LGBT. Lots of people asked questions, and I asked is the church pro-choice? Guess what? Got blocked and the comment was deleted.


  5. Barbara says:

    When you walk with the dark one no more attacks, no more problems, they leave you alone and life does get easier. The devil will always be happy to take you back. It is when you are from the light, when you work for the light, when you share the light that is when you are being genuine to self-that life has more struggles because of a genuine heart, a white soul and a cleared temple. The dark ones are like moths to a light, they go for it until it goes out, that is why so many genuine healers, helpers and Shamans go through so much, because the world is dark. We are a few light bulbs in a world of complete darkness set up by the organized structures to keep people sleeping. Yes Jesus was a Healer, he was not part of the organized structures, he was his own leader within, he was not one to follow the rules that society put up…that is why they killed him. He was teaching freedom within, not to be ‘one of us’ and apart of a collective that is truly satanic. Any person who is genuine would know this, they would have done their research and saw what it really did to mankind as a whole. I pray she wakes up, because her cards now, the energy has shifted, I have a few decks and can feel it. The cards are connected to her-because she has chosen a dark teaching, her cards are now affected by it…they are now dark too. I would suggest to wrap them in white and pray for her so she wakes up once again and all negative attachments inside of her are removed from her being, that it all gets blessed and purified to white light so it never comes back to harm her or anyone on mother earth ever again.


    • Ellen Auchter says:

      Yeah, Doreen is really missing the point of Jesus coming to break Jewish tradition which had gotten to be too much about dietary rules and other rules. He only preached love and good deeds, not rules! I don’t think he ever wanted a church to be created in his name. As I wrote on my blog before, Jesus had 30-plus years on Earth to start a church, and he never did!


  6. Alex says:

    You know, I’m not happy about this. At all. I have almost every single one of her decks and they have helped me on my spiritual path for over ten years, so thank you Doreen! That being said..I cannot stand the fact she is now smothering us all in Jesus-y crap 24/7. This is a pattern that ALL born agains do, they give up what they find dark and think Jesus is the one and only answer, and then everyone else must do the same as well, and we will never ever hear the end of it. I am ALWAYS disappointed when I hear someone has found Jesus and is born again, and I’m saying that because I feel like the Abrahamic faiths are outmoded and tired, they’re spent, the did their time and spirituality is evolving. Those faiths do not evolve. So when I hear of a person going born again I feel like they are taking a step back on spiritual evolution. She now has a new angels of abundance deck coming out.. Are we milking it Doreen? Do you even believe in what you are selling anymore? Are you only doing card readings weekly because if you don’t you your money pool will dry up? Well you aren’t getting any more money from me. I will continue to use her cards because I adore them, but nothing else going further until she cuts this Jesus crap out. If you still want a new agey person who is honest and true to it look to Kyle Grey he’s Doreen without the nonsense. Thank you for posting this because I’m one of the many (I guess because anything contradictory to her new path is censored) who are extremely dissapointed in her and this situation.


    • Ellen Auchter says:

      It is quite bewildering since she just put out that Fairyologist course and was talking up Fairies! I bet she became born again awhile ago – thus the Jesus cards with very traditional art and King James Bible quotes – yet kept it hidden. I find I can still watch her weekly oracle card readings on Facebook – renamed Divine Guidance – but not listen to her Hay House Radio show anymore…. Sad. I did enjoy flipping through Kyle Gray’s books at the bookstore, but I bought one of his card decks and hated it! Very cold drawings, more like fantasy art. Had to give the deck away to a thrift store. I tried listening to his Hay House Radio show, but I can’t understand his thick Scottish accent! Likewise, I hope someone that’s a WOMAN pops up. Last night, I was looking up Indian gurus to maybe start following…Again, all men except for that hugging guru, Amma. I found Sadhguru. Seems OK but very Hindu – I don’t know the Hindu words/rites he talks about. Still searching! Maybe it’s up to me to start a girl power religion?


  7. Ellen Auchter says:

    If you look up Doreen on Amazon, you’ll see she has 3 new decks coming out later this year: Angels of Abundance you mentioned (to go along with her Abundance book), Crystal Angels (this kind of annoys me because I love the Crystal Tarot deck and I’ve mentioned it a lot online…seems like she copies every item on metaphysical store shelves) and Animal Tarot, which I might need to buy because it’s a cute white cat wearing a crown! Plus, she just released an Angel messages book. Always a busy bee with lots of new products! I really wonder if she will still come up with new Fairy and Unicorn stuff. She said she would but she might get pressured by her church to do only Jesus and the angels.


  8. Lance says:

    Hi. Could you tell me which episodes she said all this? I had a hard time when following her teachings about ascended masters a few years ago because I felt it was a bit controlling. I kept getting an uneasy feeling about these “beings” and I in a way thought she was using the good ol’ Christian go-to, “the devil is just telling you that” when I wanted to ignore what she said. If it turns out she is cutting ascended masters from her teachings I am going to be madder than hell.


    • Lance says:

      Also, when I say “devil” I mean “ego” – which is really the new devil. I’m not saying ego is good or bad, but, I feel that it’s healthier to think of it as a tool for learning than something to fight against.


  9. Ellen Auchter says:

    Yeah, it’s weird because I’m taking her Fairyologist class right now! She had it listed for half price last week. So now I’m thinking of her as a fairy person again and not a Jesus-y Christian person.


  10. Ellen Auchter says:

    I did sort of cross her once. I put up Are You Part Fairy Quizzes and I advertised them with a link on her Facebook page. This was right after her Realm Reader stuff came out and I got certified and wanted to do something with the info. She sent an email saying I needed to add a copyright symbol for her idea/Realm Reader program, which I did. This is TOTALLY WEIRD (!), but that night when I went to bed I had this vision of being attacked with slings and arrows. Normally, I don’t see things like this. It was so negative and disturbing. I tried to ignore it but I felt very unsettled. Finally, to get to sleep, I imagined angel wings covering my whole body. After that, I decided maybe she has very strong witchy powers from a previous life? I personally stay away from Wiccan witchcraft as I believe it’s dark energy.


    • Ellen Auchter says:

      I do find a lot of the card readers I go to or like online do Wiccan stuff on the side. I didn’t know it was so popular. I used to want to be published on Llewellyn, but then I noticed how many witchy books they publish! Maybe there is “white magic” but I don’t know how you would ever separate it from all the dark stuff. I think Wiccan lets in a lot of bad energy/spirits.


  11. Barb says:

    Something major caused could have been the affect of something in a childs life…being told by someone that she caused something and to turn this way


  12. Marjorie Yates says:

    I am stunned and baffled. Doreen Virtue’s work has always been a sanctuary for me from fear-based organized religion. Yesterday I heard her telling a caller that in order to be safe, the caller needed to join a Christian church. I no longer feel safe following DV. I will continue to cherish her old books, but will unsubscribe to her channel. This is sad.


  13. Matt says:

    I’ve always loved Doreen’s work. I have many of her decks and books, and her teachings about the angels have essentially changed my life. I consider her work pivotal in my own spiritual journey. Interestingly, she also turned me onto A Course in Miracles in 2006-07, which is a large spiritual text purportedly channeled from Jesus by psychologist Helen Schucman. It’s essentially the metaphysical answer to the Bible and is a truly incredible work. I’m wondering though, with Doreen’s recent baptism and devotion to Christianity, how she feels about the Course now? She used to sing its praises on her radio show. She also did the voice-over for the part of Pursah in the audio version of Gary Renard’s The Disappearance of the Universe, which is an accessible guide to the Course’s teachings. “Disappearance” refers to the Bible as more of a series of “novels” rather than the unadulterated “Word of God” because it has so many different authors and has gone through so many revisions over the centuries. It also contradicts itself. I wonder if Doreen has done an about-face on A Course in Miracles, which, as I said, many believe is the voice of Jesus and has lots of devotees in the New Age community? Does she believe the Bible is truly God’s Word?


    • Ellen Auchter says:

      I’ve been watching her weekly YouTube videos and she is VERY into her church and the Bible now. This week, she mentioned a new friend….who she met at church, of course! And she told us she did a whole week of Bible camp with kids from her church. So yes, she is devoted to the Bible at this point. Last I heard, she was praying for guidance on whether or not The Course in Miracles is OK. Someone posted on here that they listened to her Hay House radio show and she told a listener to find a nice Christian church to go to! I also heard her say “since my conversion” in her last video, which made me wonder if she considers herself 100 per cent Christian, and not metaphysical at all. She reads passages from the Bible in every weekly video now.


      • Lance says:

        She seems to have a stick up her ass that goes further and further up every year. I don’t consider myself New Age but it’s not because I believe demons are masquerading as Ascended Masters, I just personally don’t find it structured enough for me and it’s a lot of information. If one would like to return to a religion, even Christianity, that’s fine and she is certainly free to do so, but don’t bash other religions or paths. But what REALLY irks me is that she’s been one of those people who were big on “not being a victim” and now, according to people listening to her show, she’s saying that we’re in the end times and the Devil is out to get her (Christians in general, I guess). Is that not a victim mentality? Belief in a dark supernatural force trying to destroy one’s peace?


      • Ellen Auchter says:

        Doreen said in her last weekly video that she is being persecuted for being a Christian (eyeroll). Before she became a born-again Christian, she often said metaphysical people were burned at the stake as witches in past lifetimes by the church, and that’s why we turned away from the church! I guess she won’t be mentioning that anymore….


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