Doreen Virtue Bombshell: Now a Christian promoting Jesus

Yesterday on her HayHouse Radio show, Doreen Virtue announced that she is a newly baptized Christian! She grew up in a Christian church, but never got baptized because that church didn’t do baptisms – only christenings. She goes to church every week in Hawaii and had an intense vision of Jesus in church, prompting her to get baptized. She wants to add more Jesus into her metaphysical work. Not sure if she is part of a “born again” Bible-thumping church or something less strict (she didn’t reveal what denomination of Christianity she joined). She said she’ll still work with angels, but she is going to change what she does to be more Christian and more about Jesus.

Oddly, one of the metaphysical healers I follow on Facebook just became a born-again Christian, also! She stopped doing Tarot card readings. Now, she is posting Bible quotes. Must be something in the air…. Likewise, Doreen said she will not be doing prophecy or making predictions. This affects her weekly and yearly card readings on YouTube. These will be changed to something without predictions – more like inspirational counseling with oracle cards (since she sells Tarot cards herself I think she will keep using them – hers have angels on them and aren’t the traditional deck that people complain is too dark/evil). Doreen will now end her videos with a Bible quote or a story about Jesus, etc.  I thought her predictive card reading for the year of 2017 was really good ;( so I’m surprised she is going to stop doing yearly predictions just when the world is getting really interesting!

I was laughing a bit because Doreen said she tried MANY different churches in Hawaii before finding this unnamed one that she got baptized in. I, too, have tried a lot of Christian churches and haven’t stuck with any of them! All churches have dogma/rules and all seem quite concerned with taking your money/donations, IMO. I think part of the New Age is the church falling in popularity and being abolished. The message Jesus had for people (hidden in the lost books of the Bible) was about ending Jewish traditions and rules and finding God within YOURSELF. Did Jesus start a church during his 30-plus years on Earth? Noooooooooo. I don’t even think the idea that Peter was told to start a church (be the rock) is correct. Psychic Sylvia Browne said this passage in the Bible was actually a diss against Peter, who later betrayed Jesus by pretending not to know him when things got dangerous. “Being the rock” meant being dense, like not too smart or spiritually advanced.

Doreen told listeners she will be changing some of her previously published books and card decks. She mentioned the Archangels and Ascended Masters book (my 2nd favorite book of hers after Divine Magic)! And the card deck that goes with it, Ascended Masters Oracle Cards. She will be taking out some of the deities she wrote about and created cards for. The book and card deck will then be re-issued. So which ascended masters get cut???  I think she will keep all the archangels and saints. She said she will still be promoting angels.

The last time I woke up in the middle of the night, I flipped through Archangels and Ascended Masters and found 2 new guides to follow: Ishtar and Lu-Hsing. Ishtar is a sexy goddess (search for my post about her in the search window) and Lu-Hsing helps you get a new job (if you didn’t see my post, I got on Doreen’s radio show a couple weeks ago and she told me I’d get a new environmental job sooooon! Actually, she said by the end of last month, which didn’t happen, but I understand that psychics aren’t 100 per cent accurate 😉 I’m thinking I will get the job by the end of THIS month.) The only god/goddess I would delete is Kali, the destructive Hindu goddess. I’ve never liked the idea of praying/meditating to a destructive force! If she takes out all the non-Christian ones, that’ll be about half the book! I wonder if she will take out Ashtar, the commander of spaceships. He is one of the few alien things she has talked about.

Doreen briefly mentioned fairies and said some are good and some are bad. Uh-oh, maybe some of the Celtic goddesses in Archangels and Ascended Masters will be getting the axe? As a woman, I like that there are goddesses in New Age spirituality 🙂

Doreen told us she’s made a lot of money for various companies and now she wants to think more about what SHE wants to work on, and not be pushing so much product. So far, she announced a new angel course about the history of angels in the Bible. And she has a new Jesus app for your phone. I’m wondering how much she will change the focus of her work and make it Christian?

To me, promoting Jesus is going backwards. I personally am impressed with Jesus. Growing up Catholic, I though about him a lot. I think he is great as far as his healing abilities and his kindness. I see him as a hippie-like friend, very easygoing and nice, with the 1970s long hair and maybe a kaftan robe with a beaded sandalwood cross necklace. He just oozes a nice friend vibe. Read my mini book on Amazon, What Jesus Wants to Tell Us Today by Ellen Auchter for more of my thoughts on him! But I think there are higher level lights/beings that New Agers can work with. Just last weekend, I took an online webinar by friends of the seer Almine. They said the white light we worked with is HIGHER than the golden light of Jesus. This means it’s vibrating at a higher frequency and is even more powerful! I believe it. I also think some of the Atlantean light/teachings/beings are on a higher level than Jesus (sorry, Jesus!).

What do you think?


12 thoughts on “Doreen Virtue Bombshell: Now a Christian promoting Jesus

  1. Shaheen Miro says:

    I am really fascinated by this whole Doreen Virtue thing… I felt like what you wrote here could be what Doreen is actually going through… “Psychic Sylvia Browne said this passage in the Bible was actually a diss against Peter, who later betrayed Jesus by pretending not to know him when things got dangerous. “Being the rock” meant being dense, like not too smart or spiritually advanced.” Were things getting a little too much for Doreen to be a free agent working for good… maybe she felt she needed to align with a more directed philosophy? I do think going the Christian route is going backwards a bit… at least in the traditional context. I’ve always liked the idea of Christ Consciousness… connecting with the deeper message of Jesus… finding the Divine within. Which was exactly the thing she was sharing before.


    • Ellen Auchter says:

      I think she must have some personal problems to switch to “the world may be ending and everyone needs to get saved now”! She is slowly changing everything on her Facebook page to Jesus and God and her online radio program this week was too Jesus-y for me. A caller was almost in ecstasy talking about Jesus and her visions of him and just about every caller wanted the Jesus deck! I think Doreen is way too into the Doomsday, fear-based church stuff. I finally deleted the other fairy person on Facebook who also became born-again. she posted that New Age and Halloween stuff are from the Devil. she was throwing out all her oracle cards. maybe psychics are feeling stressed about possible WW3 with North Korea or Syria or ISIS?


      • Shaheen Miro says:

        What a shock this all is. As someone who works in a similar context I just cannot imagine going into that darkness. It feels so fear-based and corrosive. Sadly, I do think that some sensitive people crack under the pressure, and I cannot imagine being someone like her that works in such a high profile way. The energy and desperation that is sent her way daily is probably a lot to handle. I don’t think I will be following her anymore… not that I was ever a huge follower, but I respected what she was teaching and found some value in it… especially the simplicity that made it accessible for people starting their journey. Most people who have followed her in the past will not be able to separate her change of heart from her work… but I will definitely keep her past stuff in my library. I wonder if there is something cosmically happening that is drawing people back in… it feels like the restraints of Christianity and religion have been loosening and now they are pulling people back in again. Personally, I haven’t had these conversations with my clients… but there seems to be a trend. I guess it all comes down to fear.

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  2. Elizabeth Tavella says:

    I am a bit confused now with all this back and forth of opinions. I was raised a Catholic and later on in life I was interested in all that I could get a hand on for my spiritual growth. I came upon Doreen Virtue last year when my father died and absolutely loved her teachings which helped me get through when this happendTthe fact the she never used fear to talk about God or that you where fallen if you did this or that. I do believe that one must have a righteous path in life so you won’t fall off the wagon and get hurt in your day to day. I believe there is Good and Evil and we should just be careful what we do. Just as we attract the Positive the Negative finds its way..


    • Ellen Auchter says:

      I’ve praised Doreen on this blog over the years for talking about Jesus when a lot of New Agers will only call him “Sananda” or will only talk about the “Universal Spirit” or something vague and non-Christian like that. But liking Jesus and being born-again are two different things! Every week she is changing her Facebook page and weekly video messages to be more and more Jesus-only. She very rarely uses the word “meditation” anymore. You’ll see she says “prayer” instead. So, now meditating is bad??? Meditation is really the cornerstone of being a metaphysical person, I think. That’s how you connect to the Other Side and get messages. It’s supposed to be much more personal and not a one-way street like rote prayers can be. The last weekly video she did showed her sitting in a field with a big Bible on her lap. How much more Christian is she going to get? And she was wearing a HUGE cross necklace. Is she going to crossover and be the next Joel Osteen?


  3. Debbie A Anderson says:

    I just heard about the Doreen Virtue’s 360 turn around and wonder (without any judgement) if this has anything to do with her stepping back from less public life via Hay House to more taking her in her own direction. It does sadden me to hear the “Queen of angel cards” dismissing light workers and the amazing work they do in exchange for Jesus… especially now, when we are now being accepted for the work we do in our world. Prayers, meditation, are all just words allowing acceptance based on spiritual/religious beliefs. I have to wonder if this new found direction will have Doreen giving back $$$ to her fans who have made her who she is today, especially with her re-writing some of the many decks she has created to make them more Jesus/Christian acceptable… or maybe this is a new untapped avenue to collate even more revenue? As I share, this is without judgement, but it does make you wonder.


    • Ellen Auchter says:

      I thought about that, too! She mentioned several times on her HayHouse radio show how hard it was for her to stop touring the country and it was a big life change. Maybe her ego took a hit. Interesting that she is now letting her hair go gray and selling off her goddess dresses. It’s like she was a different person then. Now, she is a frumpy farmhand at her rescue ranch! Which also sends some red flags to me because she is rescuing sooooo many animals that I fear she is an obsessed hoarder. She said awhile ago on her radio show that neighbors complained at her old house about her having more pets than zoning allowed. Every time I watched her weekly video, it was different cats and dogs and birds than in the last one. She often mentioned that she had just gotten another cat/dog/bird that week. That’s one of the reasons they moved. Now they are taking in all kinds of farm animals and it sounds like they just buy them in bulk at the slaughter auctions. They have like 40 full-size meat pigs who are now having baby pigs and they are going to neuter and keep all of them! Which is sweet, but does she really have the money to feed all of these animals for years and years?


      • Debbie A Anderson says:

        Thank you Ellen. I think the answer to your question about “money” is she has it covered I am sure from her years and years of angel work, tours, courses in her “former” life. I just find it a little self placating that in her latest videos she talks continuously about “saving” the animals. Most people who do philanthropic work, don’t feel a need to keep telling everyone about the wonderful work they do. Again, this is without judgement… but maybe seeing what she is doing now will “wake” us up to “needing” someone to follow. The guru is within us all…always has been (smile).


      • Ellen Auchter says:

        UPDATE: This week, in her weekly oracle reading now called divinely inspired messages (oracle is now a bad word!), Doreen said the pigs will be available for adoption. People living in Hawaii can adopt one as a pet. This makes me feel a little better 😉


  4. advanced says:

    I liked Doreen and faithfully listened to her show every week, this whole Christian thing I may have to find an alternative show. The Christian perspective on things is not going to be impartial. — Nothing against christians.


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