The Fairy Kingdom

17 days ’til St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m going to post 17 days in a row! I love St. Patrick’s Day and the magic associated with it.

Today’s post is about The Fairy Kingdom. I think Walt Disney used the best name for this: The Magic Kingdom. I would use that, but it’s copyrighted ;( So, who is in The (magic) Fairy Kingdom?

  • leprechauns
  • fairies
  • gnomes
  • elves
  • trolls
  • unicorns

Some of these are open to interpretation. Some people would not include unicorns and trolls in The Fairy Kingdom, but for these blog posts I’m going to 🙂

I will also talk about St. Brighid and St. Patrick and Dana, the Fairy Queen (sometimes she’s called the Leprechaun Queen). Brighid was originally a Fire Goddess. Patrick likewise has a lot of Celtic and Druid symbols associated with him. He was famous in Ireland long before he became a Catholic saint.


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