Why did Druids worship trees?

This subject came to mind as I was driving home from Starbucks! A magical, wise tree features in the (super great) TV show Game of Thrones, so culturally we still understand on some level that trees are magical and wise. Druids were a people living in the U.K. who were the precursors to the Celtics. Today, we’d call these people pagans (rather derogatory) because they worshipped many gods and not “our” familiar Christian god. They worshipped many goddesses, also (yay, equality!). Their religion was centered around NATURE. Like our Native American tribes.

Another thought that popped into my head recently was ANIMISM. You don’t hear this word too often, but it’s really a cool thing! It means believing everything has a soul. Everything is alive and has feelings and is connected to God. Even rocks. Even trees. Think about that for a moment!

When I was in college and studying religion, I bought a big book called The World Religions. You may have owned a copy. It was a popular book, before there were many books covering non-Christian religions. It explained a lot of the gods and customs of the Hindu religion and Buddhism and had lots of color photos. It was super fascinating. I wish I still I owned it! It also covered a lesser-known religion called Jainism. This is what some of the turbaned people (who are often mistaken for Muslims) follow. It’s more of a sect than a religion that you can join (people are born into it). It’s a very nonviolent religion. So non-violent, that the people worry about stepping on bugs! They believe in animism, that each animal (and plant and mineral) has a soul. To kill another beautiful being with a SOUL is a sin. So they take great care not to accidentally step on a bug. When I read that, I thought, “That’s the religion for me!” I am super sensitive (you may be, too) and always horrified at any animal or insect killing.

Just this morning, a little brown spider ran up to me in the bathroom (OK, crawled very quickly). I have my best luck doing animal communication with insects! So I said a few simple sentences (try 2-3 words at a time) to it, like “You’re gorgeous! You match the rug!” (it had run from the cream-colored bathroom tiles where it was very visible to the brown gel mat where it was nearly invisible). It said, “I love you!” How sweet is that???

So what happened to this respect and love for animals? Christian pastors often reference the Bible passage that says man has DOMINION over animals. Keep in mind that the Bible has many errors! It was written by man, not God. Did Jesus ever write these words? No. He loved and respected animals and wouldn’t have written this.

Back to the Druids…. Today, New Agers value trees for their magic and wisdom. Did you know you can buy CRYSTALS that are made from trees? Look for petrified wood and amber for sale on Etsy online or at your local metaphysical store. Petrified wood looks like wood but is smaller, more condensed. The wood has become stone. Amber is old tree sap that has hardened over millions over years!

For grounding/balancing your energy and quieting a bedroom: petrified wood.

For feeling mystical and thinking deep thoughts: amber.


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