Jesus and Mary’s Popularity Boom

I’ve seen a lot more New Agers talking about Jesus lately, and sometimes Mother Mary, too. Why?

Before, metaphysical classes seemed to shun Jesus and Mary as outdated, part of church dogma that they wanted to leave behind. But I think a lot more people are meditating and having experiences with Jesus and Mary. Because both Jesus and Mary lived a life on Earth as a real person, they are more accessible and relatable to us. Some of the New Age ascended masters are hard to get to know, like Lady Nada. She is a powerful woman that some people deify like Mother Mary. But there are only a few (not very good) drawings of her and people differ in what they think her special abilities and qualities are. She seems far away and exotic to me, while Jesus and Mary are more earthbound.

In fact, I think both Jesus and Mary are hovering even closer to Earth now, so people can feel their energy and communicate with them more easily. I predict the Virgin Mary will make more appearances on Earth. She often shows herself during times of war, to inspire people towards peace. Remember that her special color is Rose Pink. If you want to promote peace, envision this color in a huge ball of light surrounding the whole world. Now is the time to do this, with both the US and NATO sending troops to the Russian border for “military exercises.”

I think Jesus wants more people to know He is a compassionate friend. The one word I always associate with Him is “nice.” He’s a nice friend, someone that you can turn to in times of trouble. You can just talk to Him; you don’t need to pray to Him. Read my ebook about him called “What Jesus Wants to Tell Us Today” on And ask Jesus to shine His healing Golden Rays of Light on you. I think He wants more people to become energy healers (even if you only heal yourself).


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