Doreen Virtue’s 2017 Predictions

I always look forward to Doreen Virtue’s yearly prediction video! She doesn’t give specifics (Sylvia Browne used to do celebrity predictions, which were fun); she just pulls cards and talks about the year, one month at a time. This time, she also chose a card for the whole year. The card for 2017: Truth. She said this means there will be a lot of push and pull between people divided by politics, environmental flare-ups, black/white racismย (like the black victims of (mostly white) police abuse). She also said it’s a big year for Indigos, the people who are here on Earth to speak out! I myself feel more outspoken in my writing (I never thought of myself as an Indigo because I’m very quiet, but maybe I am). I’m switching my focus from metaphysical studies to politics! I think I will find plenty of things to write about ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Doreen’s big predictions: a) MARTIAL LAW and b) WAR.

Pretty crazy, right? I’m not sure how martial law in AMERICA would come about. Maybe Trump is even crazier than he seems on Twitter? I actually have some high hopes for him in terms of business contracts and the economy. It’s possible he takes a heavy hand in response to some rioting (this is what Doreen predicts) and calls out the National Guard. Doreen specifically mentioned TANKS. Time to re-read 1984.

She didn’t say anything specific about the war. World War III in Europe? That would be my prediction. NATO is ALREADY amassing troops on the border near Russia (in Estonia and Poland). If you don’t believe me, Google it.

Because of this war, spiritual people (like us) will become peace activists. It helps to pray for peace, Doreen says, and to pray for the hearts and minds of the specific world leaders involved. Remember the prayer circlesย for President Bush during the Iraq War?

She also mentions: more whistleblowers come forward, more crazy weather, drama at President Trump’s inauguration (January 20th).

Sounds like a wild 2017! I say bring it.

~ Ellen


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