Blog Updates for 2017

Each year, I like to update my blogs! I write this metaphysical blog, plus a political blog. To simplify my life, I’m lessening my social media presence this year. I was hoping to get a lot of followers last year, so I posted a lot on Instagram and a little bit on SnapChat and so on, but I feel like it didn’t take off as much as I’d hoped. In 2017, I’m going to work more on my political writing. There are so many juicy topics to write about in the world of politics now!

So no more New Age Studies on Twitter or SnapChat or Tumblr. I may keep the accounts up so I can retain the screen name, but I won’t be posting. Ditto Periscope and LiveStream. On YouTube, I am going to concentrate on politics, but I’ll keep up my short metaphysical  videos. I deleted the smaller form of this blog on Blogger. And I renamed my Instagram account: new_age_ellen instead of new_age_studies. I’ll still put up audio podcasts on SoundCloud. Basically, I’m just streamlining things by keeping what I like doing and what seems popular with people. Out with the old, and in with the new!

Also, I was trying last year to find a metaphysical niche for myself, like fairies. But I couldn’t get excited about that! So I’m going to be posting things on a variety of topics, mostly girl power (goddesses, saints, inspiring women), energy healing topics like the different rays of light and oracle card readings (fun!).


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