Eating People

I was listening to an Mp3 by Tanis Helliwell last night (the Greek Mysteries one), and she was talking about the mythology of eating someone in order to attain their powers! This is an ancient idea. For instance, in ancient Greece the followers of Dionysus (whose story bears similarities to Jesus) would eat a bull, raw and unbutchered. The bull was a symbol of Dionysus and imparted his powers. This sounds barbaric and gross BUT this custom is still alive in the Catholic church today! When you take Communion you are eating/drinking “the body and the blood of Christ.” The point of the ritual originally was to say you now ARE the God, because you’ve literally eaten the God and been imbued with his powers. This is taking the teachings of the church a step further. Instead of continually worshipping a God, you become the God. The Egyptians had a religion more in line withΒ this. I think it’s very empowering, especially when you have the option of becoming a Goddess πŸ˜‰


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