Do you follow Diana Cooper?

Diana’s Facebook page

Diana Cooper is a British author in the world of metaphysics. She mostly talks about Atlantis and unicorns. She has a book called Angel Answers (great gift idea for newbies). My other favorite thing she does is write about her dog! She has self-published two books about him and how he, as a dog, sees the world. Very cute and sweet! I follow her on Facebook and she is asking for prayers since she now has colon cancer 😦

Diana’s light of Jesus video

For Christmas, Diana has put up a short video on Facebook about the light of Jesus and how it pours into the world at this time of year. Another of my favorite metaphysical authors, Lorna Byrne from Ireland, talks about this too!

Virgin Mary vision

Last night, to help bring in more Jesus light, I was listening to another author I like, Tanis Helliwell who writes about hybrids. She hasΒ MP3s about Jesus. As I was falling asleep, I had a dream about the Virgin Mary. She showed my a bright blue band of light encircling the world. It was the most beautiful, most clear aquamarine color! Inside this band of light were people holding hands. It was a metaphor about the world coming together and joining hands. It reminded me of that famous Coke commercial from the Seventies with the song, “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony….” I used to love that song!

Where do you see Jesus’ golden light this Christmas?

Merry Christmas, and remember to think about the healing golden light of Jesus today. Look at your Christmas decorations and Christmas cards and see where this golden light of Jesus is represented. It’s a popular theme in Christian art. Do you see golden halos drawn around Jesus’ head? Maybe He is depicted with golden light flowing out of the palms of his hands? Or the Star of Bethlehem is shown beaming golden light down onto Him as a baby in the manger?


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