Golden Light of Jesus

It’s not an accident that Jesus is depicted with a GOLDEN halo and GOLDEN rays of light, sometimes coming out of His (healing) hands and sometimes out of His (sacred) heart. Jesus is associated with the Golden Ray of Light. Just imagine a metallic gold ornament, shining on a Christmas tree branch, light reflecting off of it from Christmas lights. This metallic gold light carries a very high-level energy that can heal.

At this time of year, Christmas, the Golden Ray is beaming itself down to Earth in even greater amounts than usual. This is done to uplift the world and get our energies up to the correct level for the new year. Just as everyone has a birthday horoscope for the year, the world has a horoscope, too! Life events are being planned for the year ahead and energies need to come in now for balance.

What was happening on the Earth before Jesus was born? The Golden Light was still streaming down at this time of the year. It’s aligned with the Winter Solstice (December 21).


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