Is Bigfoot Real?

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, I always believed in Bigfoot! It seemed perfectly plausible, after spending time walking through the woods, that something could be only 10 feet away from you yet completely hidden, if the undergrowth (bushes, small saplings, grasses, weeds) was dense enough. And you’d often get the “I’m being watched” feeling while deep in the woods, off-trail. If a big 300-lb bear can survive on berries and fish it finds, then a human-like animal with some basic survival skills can, too. Plus, I was a kid in the 1970s and 1980s and Bigfoot was quite a popular subject then, on Ripley’s Believe it or Not! and Unsolved Mysteries and similar TV shows and books. As a New Ager, you are tasked with keeping an open mind, and not always buying into what “everyone” knows is a hoax.

I was reading The Daily Mail (British paper online) yesterday, and there was yet another Bigfoot story, complete with a drone video! Yes, Sasquatch is now being caught on film by drones! When I watched that video, I wasn’t convinced. It could’ve been a deer or an injured bear. The supposed Bigfoot was tiny and blurry and the drone camera never zoomed in (it shows a figure running from one place of cover, a small wooded area, through high grass to another wooded area). So I followed the links to other Bigfoot sightings stories and found a few that I could believe are real:

  1. Watch a video of Sasquatch sitting by a wooded stream in CA, handling a white object (I honestly think it is wiping its sweat off with a towel, which is advanced human-like behavior, but not impossible for an ape or monkey to do.)
  2. That video was shot in the very same part of California that this classic black-and-white Bigfoot photo was taken in the 1960s.
  3. Is this a video of Bigfoot, walking through waist-high grass in rural Virginia, spotted and scared off by a dog and its owner?
  4. Is this a photo of Bigfoot, again spotted by a dog on a walk with its owner, this time in rural England?

I think these sightings are all true because they are very similar: the animal/human has black fur, is walking on 2 legs but isn’t completely upright (stooped a little), a large part of the face is furry and a small part has dark grey skin like an ape, spotted in rural areas with either very high grass or thick underbrush and trees where it can stay hidden, the animal/human is alone and it quickly wanders off further into the woods if it realizes it’s been spotted.

I’ve mentioned before that I love Tanis Halliwell’s book Hybrids. She includes a chapter on Bigfoot! She says these creatures are partly human. Because they are from a time on Earth when life was MORE ADVANCED (think the ancient civilization of Lemuria) they have psychic abilities and are very peaceful and gentle. They can communicate with humans, but non-verbally, like animals do. They prefer to stay hidden, but more are getting captured on video and photos (now everyone has a cellphone with them to record the sighting!). If they are aware that a human has spotted them, they retreat. Tanis says they can actually make themselves “invisible” by disappearing onto a higher dimension. Like with ghosts, some psychically advanced people can see things on the higher dimensions, but a lot of people can’t. So Bigfoot remains good at being mysterious and unseen.

Tanis says Bigfoot is related to creatures like Giants and what she calls Inner Earthlings. These beings all lived on Earth when the climate was misty and subtropical, like in the movie Avalon. When the climate changed, some of these beings decided to live INSIDE THE EARTH, which is possible for them because they live on a higher dimension. Others choose to keep living on Earth’s surface but remain hidden as much as possible, like Bigfoot and the Yeti in the snowy mountains. Both have problems seeing in bright sunlight, so they hide and move around more at night. Tanis says Bigfoot will actually meet up and roam in packs at night, looking for food.

I think mentally these creatures are in-between a wild animal and a human. I think they are intelligent enough to map out the woods they live in and remember all the animals in the forest (probably a lot of animals can do this!). But they have no desire to live in human society or to interact with people. Like a bear, I think a Bigfoot wants to be free to roam the woods and live a simple life. And like most animals, it’s learned to fear humans = hunters. It’s possible that psychics may be able to communicate with a Sasquatch, like they can with animals. If a Sasquatch does choose to talk with people in this way, I think it would be in as a last ditch attempt to convince humans to save its habitat = the unspoiled woods.


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