Why does America = Guns?

I love that America stands for freedom and independence. I’m not patriotic, but as an entrepreneur (Etsy shop owner, blogger, future writer of published books, small-time artist and jewelry maker) I think it’s cool our country favors the pioneering individual over the masses.

To think in cliches, America is the Wild West, with cowboys on horseback, riding on the open range. Or think about Colonial America, just a few brave souls who fled Europe to start a new life. Of course, there’s a dark side to these cliches. Gunslingers in the Old West robbing each other with no lawmen to keep things in check. And a lot of the original colonists starved to death. Plus, the sad history of the Native Americans, who tried to make peace with these new men but were pushed onto tiny reservations in the middle of nowhere.

Maybe from the very beginning, America’s free spiritedness has gotten mixed up with a gun culture.

I will speak more about this on my next podcast! I am putting my podcasts on SoundCloud.com. Search for people named New Age Studies.

In the meantime, let’s send love to Orlando, Florida, to help people heal. Imagine a pink or red rainbow of light traveling from your heart to the city of Orlando. Or imagine little hearts floating away from you and landing in Orlando. This will help diminish the fear and darkness that bubbles up after a mass shooting. Another good idea is to light a candle tonight and think about how it’s a symbol of God’s light shining in the darkness.


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