Vogel Cut Quartz Necklace

I ordered this Vogel cut quartz crystal necklace from Doorways to Power on Etsy (they also have a Doorways to Power website with more items) and got it in the mail yesterday. I hadn’t heard of Marcel Vogel cut crystals before. This stone is his Magician’s cut (click to see all of them available on the Doorways to Power website). It’s double-sided, with a 3D pyramid on each side, plus other cuts to refract the light. Vogel was a well-known scientific researcher at IBM (lots of patents relating to luminescent products) and I believe he got interested in crystals in the 1960s. This crystal is cut at a similar angle found in the Egyptian pyramids: 51 degrees. Vogel said the idea to create these precisely cut crystals came to him in a dream. He also claimed to have worked with alien metals. So cool!

Vogel said the precise cuts in his quartz crystals allow them to break light into frequencies that can heal damage in your etheric layers, the layers of energy above your body. If these layers sustain too much damage, due to emotional, mental or spiritual traumas, you can become physically ill. I wasn’t impressed with the quartz crystal as far as just looking at it or holding it in my hands…but when I put the necklace on, I felt some weird tingling. I slept with it on all night, giving it some time to heal my etheric layers!

This brilliant blue quartz is called Siberian blue. I think it’s a color associated with Atlantis and the Egyptians (who came from Atlantis). It reminds me of the blue rooftops in Santorini, Greece, which is rumored to be an Atlantean enclave. To get this bright blue color, clear quartz is bonded with cobalt, a metal used for centuries to make blue paint.



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