New Doreen Virtue Cards about Jesus

This blog is about the fairies, but I want to post about the new Doreen Virtue card deck I got in the mail today! I pre-ordered it from Amazon, so it just came out. It’s called Loving Words from Jesus and features Bible quotes and traditional Jesus artwork. (Part of me likes traditional Jesus artwork, and part of me doesn’t.) The quotes are from the King James Bible so some of the words end in -eth, yet “thee” and “thou” have been changed to “you” and “your.” (I like the old-fashioned wording.) On an extra card that comes in the deck, Doreen says she grew up reading the King James Bible, so she wanted to do a deck with quotes from it.

The artist is Greg Olsen. He does a lot of art for the Mormon church.  Most of the Jesus art is photo realistic; a few have the dream-like blurred look of the 3rd card. All of the card art is done by the same artist (yay! I hate when the cards don’t match.). The cards have gold edges.

(CLICK on the photo collage below to see zoomed-in images of each card.)

Mary only appears in one card, a nativity scene card ;( There is no crucifixion card (might have been good for Easter, although I believe that Jesus was rescued off the cross and survived, like in the Da Vinci Code).

I appreciate that Doreen is promoting Jesus (a lot of New Agers ignore Him or rename Him Sananda). I would like it even better if, as a psychic, she got new messages from Jesus and updated the sometimes misquoted and misleading traditional Bible quotes. Psychic Sylvia Browne (my favorite psychic! RIP) wrote a book like this called The Mystical Life of Jesus: An Uncommon Perspective on the Life of Christ. Worth buying!

I think this card deck would be a great Easter gift, especially for young kids who could be prompted to ask questions about Jesus and His message. It’s not a traditional oracle card deck, so it might be difficult to do card readings with but Doreen writes that you can pull one card for yourself and figure out what it means for you. You could also buy an extra deck and then give out 1 card at a time, like Catholic prayer cards, by tucking it into a book or a card you’re gifting.


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