Are Christmas Elves Real?

Do Christmas elves really exist? I don’t think so! I believe they are a Christmas fairy tale based on real elves, who do exist. Many people in Scandinavia believe wholeheartedly in elves and gnomes. Real elves are woodworkers, but they don’t make toys. Their job is to repair damaged trees. They walk through the forest in teams (sometimes called trooping elves), singing work songs. They dress in the traditional army green of elves and carry tools like tiny sledge hammers and coils of rope and so forth, either slung over their shoulder or in a tool belt. On their feet are not delicate felt slippers with bells on, but sturdy construction boots. They are serious about their work, and very secretive. They have more in common with an army soldier than with the wonderful Hermey, Santa’s elf who wants to be a dentist! (See Hermey in the 1964 Christmas classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.)

I will be writing more posts about the elementals for you (elves, gnomes, wizards and fairies) in 2016.


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