Baba Vanga Prophecies

Have you heard of Baba Vanga? The Daily Mail Online (my favorite newspaper, from the UK) wrote a story on her a couple days ago. She was a famous oracle in Bulgaria, near Russia. She did prophecies, like Nostradamus. Her wording was strange and poetic. For instance, after 9/11 her prophecy of “metal birds” creating “horror” in America was declared to be about the Twin Towers. She was illiterate and so never wrote down her predictions, but her followers kept track.

She correctly predicted a “Muslim war” in 2016 = ISIS in Syria and Iraq and Libya. She foresaw the Muslim fighters invading Europe. Uh-oh. Scarily, Baba Vanga said Europe would no longer exist by the end of 2016! Some people think she meant the EU will break apart…. But she also predicted that Europe would become an empty wasteland, so maybe she was talking about a chemical or nuclear attack? Some analysts think ISIS could get chemical weapons, maybe stealing them from Iraq or Syria, or figure out how to make a dirty bomb. Baba said the “Muslim war” would end in 2043, about 30 years from now. More bad news = she predicted the Muslim soldiers would capture Rome! Instead of housing the Vatican and the head of the Catholic church, it becomes the capital city of their caliphate!


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