Lorna Byrne Webcast

I watched a webinar this morning (8 AM my time = 3 PM in Ireland) with angel lady Lorna Byrne.

She was promoting her children’s charity, Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation. The webcast fees were donated to it. I’m sure it’s a good charity to donate to if you are looking for one this holiday season! Get all the charity details on her website: lornabyrne.com. This year, Lorna has chosen 3 different children’s charities to give the money to. One is in Ireland where Lorna lives, one is in Africa and one is in Syria (the charity UNICEF). Lorna talks a lot about the children in Syria who are growing up in a dangerous war zone, and how, without our intervention, they will grow up hardened to violence and will become the terrorists of the future.

Besides promoting her charity, Lorna answered viewer questions, including mine! My question was “Do you see Angel Ariel? Is she a great healing angel?” I asked this because in IET (the energy healing I do) she is considered an archangel, second in importance only to Jesus in her healing abilities. Lorna said she does see her, and that she doesn’t consider her an archangel but a regular angel, who has healing powers like all the angels. I agree with this. Most people don’t categorize Angel Ariel as an archangel. Whatever the category, Ariel is a strong angel!

Lorna told us that during the holiday season, more angels which she calls “blessed angels” come down to Earth to help us celebrate Christmas. Christmas angels = too cute!

About ISIS, she said both Archangel Michael (protection) and the Angel of Death (ushering souls to the Other Side) are trying to get our attention for the people in the ISIS-controlled areas, who are living in terror. She said a lot of the ISIS soldiers and suicide bombers are not “true believers” but are kidnapped into the army or threatened into submission, and would not be fighting for ISIS if we could free their lands. Also, she said the fight with ISIS is the #1 concern of the angels at the moment, and it’s correct to call it WWIII.

The #2 concern is climate change, creating such crazy weather. Lorna said Ireland is now experiencing dangerous flooding.

While looking up her website for you, I noticed this in regards to Lorna Byrne’s book Love from Heaven from The Times (I believe this is the Irish Times): “Byrne gives hope and a sense of peace; something that the Church, in many instances, has been unable to do for a long time.” There is definitely an emotional side to Lorna Byrne’s angel work. When I listened to Lorna this morning, I was moved to tears twice! And I’m not much of a crier. Her energy is so sweet and angelic. 

I highly recommend you read her first book, Angels in my Hair. It’s one of my favorite metaphysical books! It’s about her life growing up in Ireland and her ability to see angels, which she’s had since she was a child.


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