Day 4: Energy Chews

To celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m going to post 7 Days of Thankfulness! Since I’m a bit of a foodie, each day will be a food post.

I love these energy chews! I’ve been buying them for several years now. Out of all the energy products I’ve bought (a lot, since I’ve suffered from chronic fatigue), this is one that actually works! Originally, it was promoted by disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, as a way to recover after a hard workout. But he’s been erased from the company. I notice the current packaging says the chews are good when recovering from chemo treatments (Lance Armstrong had cancer). The text no longer talks about the benefits of vitamin B (the chew has lots of vitamin B) but now touts quercetin, an antioxidant. I think this may be the secret ingredient which makes these energy chews work! I used to buy them at my local GNC health supplement store, but they stopped carrying them. So last time I went there I bought a GNC store brand chew which the sales lady said would be the same thing….immediately when I got home and looked at the packaging I could tell it WOULD NOT be the same thing as the chews only had vitamin B. They didn’t work and they tasted horrible!


So now I order a few packages of FRS chews from their online store. The FRS chews are a bit pricey ($20 for a small bag), but worth it! My favorite flavors are pineapple mango and pomegranate blueberry. The chews taste pretty good – not as good as a Starburst candy. I chew 2 a day, especially if I’m overtired. The chews are gluten free. FRS also sells drinks and drink powders – my local GNC store still sells these.


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