Day 3: Snacks by Mail

To celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m going to post 7 Days of Thankfulness! Since I’m a bit of a foodie, each day will be a food post.

I’m always suspicious of those monthly subscription programs that send you stuff, but I signed up with Graze about 6 months ago and I love it! It’s really affordable. I pay $7 for 4 small snacks, delivered twice a month. The snacks look small, but each item is packed with flavor! And I find the dried fruit snacks last me a long time. You can add them to oatmeal or a smoothie. The flavors can be a bit intense for eating straight from the container.

I haven’t gotten anything I really didn’t like, but every time you get a box the company emails you to see if you liked it. You can log into the Graze website and rate each item: love it, like it, trash it. You can also trash items you haven’t received yet and don’t want to try. Since I’m mostly gluten-free, I went through each item they sell and trashed everything like pretzel mixes and crackers before I even got my first box. It takes a bit of time to do this, since they offer tons of different snacks! I noticed the website now has a “food preferences” option where you can click boxes like gluten, nuts, dairy, vegan and vegetarian to more quickly trash items.


My ultimate favorites are any of the oat flapjack snacks – like a soft, sweet oatmeal bar. Nummy! Sometimes the snacks come with a tiny bit of dipping sauce. Fun! My other favorites are the individual microwave popcorn bags. Again, the sizes are small, but it’s “snack size.” The 4-snack box I get fits in my small community mail box and its delivered by the mailman. The other option is 8 snacks. You can also buy extra boxes to send to friends as a gift. And if you’re going on vacation, you can stop a box from shipping. The website makes everything very easy, and the company focuses on healthy snacks. Check out the website. Love it!


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