Day 2: Lemon Water

To celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m going to post 7 Days of Thankfulness! Since I’m a bit of a foodie, each day will be a food post.

What’s special about this lemon water? CAYENNE PEPPER. Yes, this fiery pepper is in the water, adding some serious kick! I recommend watering down this drink a lot. Otherwise, it’s too peppery. You can drink it as part of a juice cleanse since it has the classic lemon juice – pepper combination. The brand name is Suja (click to visit their website). The name of this flavor is Lemon Love (cute name!). It is cold-pressed juice – one reason it tastes so good.  I buy mine at Whole Foods, in the deli area that displays cold drinks. It’s organic and sugar-free (sweetened with natural stevia leaf). It’s 14 per cent juice. I’ve tried some of the other flavors and this one is definitely my favorite, along with the very similar  Master Cleanse which adds maple syrup as a sweetener.



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