Transformative Violet Chakra – St. Germain

I am adding my own twist to the traditional chakra system! Today is the last of the 7 main chakras: the crown chakra.

at the top of your head
lit up by ST. GERMAIN
for clearing toxic, dark energy out of your body

St. Germain is famous for his Violet Flame, which transforms toxic, dark energy into clear white light. Every day, ask for the Violet Flame to wash over your body. It will remove any negative energies that have stuck to you, like angry or depressive thoughts. If you are a very sensitive person (an empath), you are likely picking up other people’s bad energy. For example, if your co-worker gripes about their boyfriend and tells you a long, anguished story about their relationship, her frustration and unhappiness can rub off on you – literally! These negative emotions form a black blob in her energy field. You may (unconsciously) want to be a nice person and help your co-worker by lightening her mood. Now, the dark energy is stuck to you! You need to cleanse your energetic field or aura to get rid of it. Besides washing off your aura with the Violet Flame, you can say “I am me and only me.” This means you are only accepting the energies that are yours into your energy field. These energy mix-ups are a major cause of anxiety, depression and fatigue! They can even lead to illness, so cleanse every day.

©Ellen Auchter 2015

UPDATE: If you liked my original chakra and guides info, you can now get 2 different printable versions of all 7 chakras:

CLICK HERE for the whole text (pdf file, 4 pages)

CLICK HERE for a shortened version on 1 page (pdf file)


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