Terror Attack in Paris

Pray for Paris

After the terror attacks in Paris yesterday (on Friday the 13th!), the French president declared war on ISIS. I support this war. I hope that the U.S. works together with the EU and also with Russia. ISIS is evil and good needs to prevail.

I told you earlier that psychics say ISIS leaders lived previous lives on Earth as the NAZI elite. Purely dark souls get recycled over and over again. They don’t go to heaven, and there isn’t a hell. So the dark souls pop back up on Earth. Thankfully, very few people are black souls. Even people who commit horrific crimes are more likely to be grey souls. Black souls are notoriously evil characters like Hitler and Saddam Hussein. New Agers believe these dark souls were the black magi who ruined Atlantis. Atlantis was like a peaceful hippie commune, with everyone sharing food and housing equally. The black magi (like the word “magician”) had powers like moving objects with their mind, infusing crystals with knowledge and multiplying objects (like how Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes). The black magi stopped using their powers for good and started plotting to become the most powerful and the most wealthy people in Atlantis, leading to ruin of this beautiful civilization. Today, these dark souls are again trying to ruin civil societies on Earth!


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