Holy Orange Chakra – Buddha

I am adding my own twist to the traditional chakra system! Today is the orange chakra.

near your belly button
lit up by BUDDHA
for expressing your life purpose, being creative, sexual energy

Saffron or dark orange robes are a symbol of holy men, worn by Buddhist monks. This is what made me think of correlating Buddha to the orange chakra (shock-rah). Monks dedicate their life to God, an example of living your true life purpose. To brighten your orange chakra (colored energy wheel), meditate in front of a Buddha statue (buy one at Tibetan shops or metaphysical stores). Ask Buddha to reveal your life purpose to you, if you aren’t sure what it is. And ask him to strengthen your orange chakra. If you feel weak in this area, you can remind yourself to strengthen this color by wearing orange clothes or accessories like a scarf or even orange or bergamot perfume.

©Ellen Auchter 2015


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